Monday 19 August 2013

Room Update!

Yesterday I shared a couple of before photos of my son's room and today I am sharing a couple of during.  I think this make over is going to take a while as my murals are taking a few coats of paint to cover them up!!!

Here is Scully......I don't think he realises what is going to happen!!!  It is going to hurt me more than him.........

Here he is looking a ghost of his former self!!!!!  A few more coats of white will polish him off today....poor Scully.

To console myself I started painting a mural on the chimney breast as you can see here.  I am hoping to achieve the look of pop art combined with vintage comic.  I will post more photos later so you can see if I achieve what is in my head.  The pressure is on as I really don't want to paint another 5 coats of white to wipe it out if I get it wrong ;-)

If you make a mistake on paper you just get another piece - walls aren't quite that simple!  The two alcoves are almost ready for my Husband and Eldest son to build floating shelves into.  But I have to get out of the way first so it is more mural painting for me today.  Smiley face for me!!!!!!!

I had a quick look at some of my Pinterest activity on my way to writing this you do!  Pinterest is addictive as one thing leads to another...I know you know what I am talking about!!!

My friend Jenny had been visiting some of my boards (Pinterest lets you know who has been visiting) and I popped over to her boards to see what she had been up to (only polite I think!) and in amongst her Ink board pins I followed a link to Karen Walker Inks an artist using alcohol inks and thought you might like to see some of her amazing work.  She takes alcohol inks to a whole new level.  I loved this video so I am sharing that link too.  I am going to give it a try as I think her techniques would be fab for cards and tags.

That's it from me as I have a date with a rather large paint brush that has my name on it!  See you tomorrow.  Thank you for popping by X


  1. Ahh, poor Scully :( Lol ;)
    Your new 'muriel' (Heheh - Hilda), is looking good, and Ilove the colours. Have fun with your BI-Ig brush ;) x

  2. Anonymous22:32

    Aww my name on a blog :,-) Although I'm sure this outs me as a pinterest addict ;-p I love looking at all your handy work Helen and these murals are beyond amazing! See you in September
    Jenny xxx

    1. Hi Jenny - I am sorry I haven't replied to your comments. I didn't realise until I went through deleting Anonymous spam that you come up as anonymous too. I wasn't ignoring you. I just didn't realise anonymous could be a real person. I have had to turn my word verification on to see if I can get rid of the Spam comments which is why I was checking. I am glad I did as I would hate you to rude!!!!!! I am of to the land of nod now. See you soon X


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