Tuesday 14 May 2013

Tag Tuesday Alphabet - The Letter S

This tag was inspired by a blog friend of mine, Shoshi.  She created the Zentangle pattern SPAWN and I wanted to use it on my tag this week and the tadpole pattern inspired the rest of the design.  It seemed apt to me to place SPAWN in water and then this Lily pond tag appeared!  I used the dragonfly template from my Zentangle card blanks that I sell on line and they fit perfectly as embellishments on my tag.

The other patterns this week are; on the lily pads SNAYLZ TRAYL, in the sky SUNRAY and on the dragon flies wings SHARDS.  If you want to see one of Shoshi's gorgeous Zentangle pieces then please visit her blog.  She has a much more expert hand and delicate hand than me!

I found a really cool irridescent ribbon in my stash that pulled up into a lovely bow to top off my tag and match the Glittery Stickles I used on my fluttering dragonfly wings.

As I was downloading the photo of my tag I also down loaded some photos of our dog Comet that I took this morning in the park and I just had to share this one!

Look at him.....butter wouldn't melt ;-)  Don't worry though a little while later and after a dip in the stream.......

......and a really big shake!  Hey Presto back to white doggy again!  If a little soggy doggy!

If you want to see more tags inspired by the Alphabet then please follow this link to Tag Tuesday.

Thank you for popping by X

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