Monday 20 May 2013

Fun use of an Embossing Tool!

Hi everyone - Just had to share this fun little post with you.

Take one embossing tool and a crafter with time on her hands and see what happens?!...........

Ha Ha!  Firstly please excuse the 'staying in my craft room today' hair do!  Even my elastics don't match!........ and don't mention that I have left  all my cupboard doors open nor the big pile of stuff to put away on my spare shelf - I mean chair!!!!

Focus instead on the nail art!  I saw a photo of pretty candy coloured nails with polka dots on Pinterest and thought .......'I am going to try that,' and some time later!!!  Voila!   I think I need to be a little more delicate when I dot but not bad for a first attempt!  I have admired many nail art design photos and always thought to myself .......'not something you can do yourself' (what about your other hand issues)  But this was so easy.  Paint nails and then when they are dry dip your embossing tool into a puddle of varnish and dot away!

If you like painting your nails and want a fun look I recommend it!  I think I might try red and black and make ladybirds!  They might not be sophisticated but they are fun!

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Yay! Fabulous nails Helen! And I really like the alternated colours on one finger :0) Mo x

  2. FAB nails. I used to use a sylist and embossing tool for nail art, years ago, when I was a nail tech. Best thing for dots and small details on the finger nails. Thanks for the memories........LOL

    1. Hi Krisha - I loved trying this out as it is definitely one you can do yourself. I think I may need to dig out a smaller embossing tool to get smaller polka dots! Definitely a casual jeans and Tshirt look rather than sophisticated lady that lunches ;-)

  3. Wow, how fun! You are just so creative! I love that you used your tool for a fun use and love the colors!


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