Friday 11 May 2012

Day 3 of Card Class Preparations

I seem to have had a big break since I last updated you on my preparations.  I have been busy with other crafting commitments and the Bank Holiday came and went so now instead of being ready a week early I am back to my original timetable!  It's because I nearly said the 'early' word...Just thinking it was enough to sabotage my schedule it seems.

I need to clear the decks a bit so I thought I would prepare the packs for the 3 designs I have already before I move on to the new set - Definitely with a red white and blue theme...oh and they have to be quick as my last set are quite time consuming - no pressure then!

Just interrupted by a delivery man so may get side tracked this afternoon booking in stock - anyone else feel like they have been shopping for themselves when they do this!  I have to stop myself saying one for me, two for the shop :-D

So back to the how too, where was I?  Oh yes putting together the packs.  I always have two card samples for each class so as I make up my second sample I write my instructions and cut any card or ribbon we will be using.  I also gather together all the tools and inks and things that each card takes.  That means, fingers crossed, I get to class with everything remembered and nothing left behind.

As I prepare my packs I will also write a list of things to remember.  What glues and tools I am using to let my class know and what things I haven't yet put into my kits (because I am still using them) but that I don't want to forget in the last minute rush that always seems to happen on a Thursday night.

Here is a photo of the first bits and pieces gathering ready to go into my trolly (two red baskets and glitter only).  The rest of the stuff just happened to be where I am storing at present!

At the end of the process this afternoon I also have two card samples......

I try to remember to write my name on them as I have a habit of pinching my students cards as I pack away in between cards.  It is a standing joke that it is a compliment if I think their card is mine!

So card one is complete and ready to teach.  Here is all the bits cut and counted.  Instructions written and printed and the master pack ready to teach from.  Only 5 more to go by next Friday.....wish me luck.

Thanks for popping in to see me.  Watch this space because as I made my second card sample I also took photos to add another tutorial to my collection now that is what I call multi tasking :-)  I am off for a cuppa now....

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  1. O my word... These cards are just stunning.. what you have done with the dressform is Brillant... Love it! Hugs May x x x


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