Friday 4 May 2012

Day 2- Inside my Brain!

I think am being extra efficient as a result of deciding to blog about what I do to get ready for a class.  If I keep to this schedule I might be I am not going to tempt fate!!!

So last night as I played Pictionary on the Wii with my family there were design musings going on in my head and the thought 'we really should make time to play this more often' and this morning I was ready to design my own version of an easel card.  I find that there is always something designing in my head somewhere.  As well as my class for this month I have been mulling over a design for another clock as I really loved making the last one I did (follow the link if you want to take a peek).

This is what I came up with (on my score board).   My version of a twisted easel with a panel for a greeting and a panel for a focal image (and it fits in a DL envelope!)  If you look on the left of this photo there is a pile of my card base templates (not all my own designs).  I got fed up with throwing away card bases away during the design process (you know when you change your mind!) so I made these templates and I use them, one to remind me of measurements for cutting and scoring and two as a visual guide as I design.  I have been making the templates from a dull green card I have a pile of that I don't like much!  This folder is always on my desk as I begin to design a card.

Then it is choices time.  This time I picked a soft brown and a turquoise card as a starting point for my design scheme.  Again a few choices are discarded along the way until I end up with something I like and a scheme is born.  I started with the greeting laid straight on the brown but it lacked a bit of oomph so I added the fine black border and the rest of my design will be based on this scheme.

Working on the base of the easel card next and I decided that with all these layers on the toppers the base is a bit flimsy so I add a bit of black.  Fits in with the scheme, practicality and of course still fits in the envelope!!  It's about this point in a design where I start to feel 'Yay me!!'  Then I realise I need something to put on the base to keep the easels in place so I am not going to stick on the black base yet until that decision is made and I am not feeling so smug a minute later :-D

I know you are all going to know about the 'when is it safe to stick dilemma' when you are designing a card or a layout.  It is a bit like resisting temptation.  You start putting bits and pieces together and they look fab but you must resist the urge to stick them together until you are sure you are not going to add anything (like a brad) or you will be unsticking stuff - a skill in itself!  If you use glue and don't realise quickly then you are doomed!  If you use tape then you get to feel slightly light headed as you prise you card apart and as you huff on your tape to avoid wrecking your lovely work!  :-)

So now things are looking coordinated its time to do the pretty stuff!  Well it is after I have tidied up a bit. I have been distressing all my edges so I have a fair bit of paper fluff and strips of card debris from getting my proportions right.  So tidy up time and looking at the clock and listening to my tummy it is lunch time and walk the dog time too.  So I will be mulling over the fancy bits of my card as I go about my business.  See you in an hour or so to finish my design and my post for today.....laters!

Much, much later!....Had to share this photo.  I am not sure what kind of blossom it is but it brightens up yet another grey day for us in the Midlands (UK).  I might try and see if I can replicate this in paper one day.

As you can see I am back, fed and exercised and voila the pretties have been added.  A few mica flakes on this one to give it a bit of sparkle.  They are in Tarnished bronze a very yummy colour.  It is the first time I have used them and they are much lighter than the glass glitter.  I like their subdued sheen.  I am very pleased with this unusual easel shaped card.  I didn't intend it but I think this could be given to a man too!  One more to add to the set.  Then I will change theme and repeat the process for another set of 3 cards.......but I will blog more about that later.

I'm off to put my feet up in front of the fire as it has gone chilly tonight.  Thanks for popping by.  Have a great weekend X

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  1. Beautiful colour arrangement of this easel card. I had the same sticking dilemma when I attempted a never ending card. All was great until opening each section, the back page was the correct way up as I flipped through, but when I flipped the card to write a note, it was now upside down. Looks like a never ending card must not have directional paper on it. Any way, love your easel card design and the way the colours pop. Denyse. X


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