Friday 4 May 2012

Card Class Preparation Begins.....

This is a sneak peek of my card class in May.  I have two lovely stamp sets that I have been mulling over in my mind.  I thought you might like to hear how I prepare for my classes each month.  Well I hope you do anyway because that is what this post is going to be about!!!

Each month I try to think of two different card making skills or styles I want to explore in my lessons.  So this month it is definitely going to involve stamping.  The stamps are Steampunk Flowers and Steam Punk Dreams so I have lots of lovely images to play with.  If I am stamping with my class I do normally stick to one set of stamps.  I find Creative Expression stamps perfect for this as a lot of their stamp sets have focal images, background smaller images and greetings.  This month I couldn't make up my mind so I have two to play with!

When I make a design I have to think about what I have in stock such as card, ribbons, inks, tools, etc.  But more importantly that a card takes about 1 hour to make.  That is the thing that my class would definitely agree that I find hardest to do!  I have improved but looking at the first card I have for next month I might be about to have a blip in the timing discipline!! (Note to self this needs an easier second card to go with it!!)

I decided I wanted to make different styles of easel cards so that is where I started designing.  I also wanted to use some Stampendous Glass glitter I have been lovingly storing for a while now.  This is where I ended up.
Love that glass glitter!
I do put pressure on myself sometimes to get the design right first time.  I'm not sure why.......I think it is because I don't like to waste the paper.  For instance I did start out thinking I wanted to do some scrunched paper panels and then to ink over them but they were too distressed looking and I wanted girly grunge not boy grunge!  I hope you agree I got there in the end.

One card down and a theme of easel card and girly grunge decided.  As I work on the next two designs I will be waiting for inspiration to strike for my second theme.....something in red white and blue keeps popping into my thoughts.....I wonder why.

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