Friday 1 May 2015

12 Tags of 2015 Tutorial - April

Hi everyone

Before I get to posting my April tutorial I just wanted to let you know if you don't already that I didn't make it on to the Graphic 45 Design team for this year.  I was a bit sad yesterday as you can imagine but I managed to stay away from the chocolate which is good!!!! ;-)

Today I just wanted to thank you all for the tremendous support and good wishes that you sent to me.  It means the world to me and you will be pleased to know you can uncross those fingers at last!  The good news is that I feel a renewed determination on the crafting front and you will see two brand new tutorials appearing on my ETSY shop shortly as a result of the work I did for the audition.

I do always have fun auditioning as I completely indulge myself and bury myself in all that lovely Graphic 45 paper.  On the plus side too I did get a step closer this year ;-)  I wish the new design team lots and lots of fun this year and I look forward to seeing what they create as always.  I especially want to say congratulations to Clare for her second term as the Graphic 45 UK ambassador.  Hopefully we will bump into each other again soon.

Here is the promised tutorial for this month's 12 Tags of 2015.  I hope that with the post yesterday and all the fun you can see I had with my tag on today's tutorial that I inspire some of you who are perhaps thinking about it to have a go in May.  Which reminds me I must pop over and see what Tim's inspiration is for this month.

and just for fun and a blast from the past here are a couple of other tag tutorials.  This from way back as I was just learning this videoing malarky and it is a review of the first year I played along with the 12 tags of 2012.

Here is a tag from 2013 for you to check out.

Way back in 2012 I also used to play along with the lovely Tag Tuesday group.  They are still going strong so if you check out this video and then click on this link you can see another group of lovely crafters who make tags every week!

I still have all my tags from Tag Tuesday hanging on my wall for inspiration! Many fond memories of a lovely group.

And last but not least a fun tag video I made when I was just starting out on my YouTube journey!  Please imagine me laughing away to myself as I edit the final shots in the video!

So that is it from me for today.  I hope you have fun watching some of my videos.  Don't forget to like and share them as it really helps me promote both my YouTube Channel and my Blog.  X

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - we have a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so more crafting time for all ;-)

Thank you for popping by x


  1. Commiserations Helen, i know how excited you were getting all your audition projects together for your G45 DT call. I do hope you will have better luck next time.

    Thanks for the video shares will watch them all later. Have a fab BH Weekend :-) xxx

  2. Helen, I absolutely love your work, and greatly enjoy your videos. I'm sure you're disappointed about not making the Graphic 45 design team this year, but please rest assured that you are a true inspiration to thousands of us who greatly appreciate what you do, and the pleasant and encouraging spirit with which you do it! I always look forward to seeing each of your blog posts and videos - they just brighten my day! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

    1. I couldn't have put it better! Well said, Mary :-)

  3. Dear Helen, I am so sorry :( I can only say it is G45's BIG loss not to have you on their team. Mary, who commented before me, expresses perfectly how 'We' all feel (thanks Mary).
    Bravo for managing to stay clear of the chocolate btw ;) Wishing you a smashing weekend {{Hugs}} xxx

  4. Seriously stunning and gorgeous! LOVE the colors, the flowers, the the watercoloring...just beautiful!!!

  5. I look at these tags and your sense of colour and style and think selfishly it's G45 loss and my gain (as a stamper). There's always next year or something even better might come along! Off to watch your wonderful videos...

  6. Helen, I'm so sorry you didn't make the Graphic 45 team, but like the others said, their loss is definitely our gain! I just love the tags and these April ones are stunners, right up my street, both with content and colours...just lovely! Thanks for everything you do to help us lowly crafters, I am learning such a lot from you...chin up....I definitely would have "hit the chocolate" !!! x

  7. Hi Helen. I'm just pop in to say hi and that i am a big fan of you. You give me a lot of inspiration! : )

  8. I am sorry (and surprised) that you didn't make it on the G45 team this time, Helen. Better luck next year! ♥
    Love your tags for April. Such yummmmy colours and cool layout! Thank you for using some of my stamps on one of them. Love how they both turned out and I am VERY grateful to have you on my design team! *HUGS*

  9. Hi Helen, just popped in especially to see if there was any news and I'm so disappointed for you - I would convinced you would be on the team this year- but I'm glad it's spurred you on to create some more workshops. I could watch your videos all day long and I am a big fan of your tutorials, just about to start on another Pyramid in fact. You're always an inspiration :o)xxx

  10. Oh my, your tags are stunning!!


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