Thursday 5 February 2015

My first New Year's Resolution - Failed!!!!

Hi everyone

I promised myself time and time again last year I wouldn't be one of the last to play along with the Tim Holtz 12 Tags challenge and so I decided to resolve to do better in 2015…….and here in February is my January tag!!!! ;-)  Oh well back to the drawing board…..

This year I decided to make something a little extra as I play along…..I am not sure what to call it yet but I am thinking 'Sampler'.  The idea is that at the end of the year I will mount and frame all 12 of my 3" squares and turn them into a home decor piece to remind me at a glance of all the fun I had during the year.

Here is a close up of the Sampler for January:

Now there is a story to tell you about this one.  As you can see I decided to include little resolutions as the word strips on my tag.  I showed hubby a couple of days later what I had been creating and he said, "Well then?" in an expectant tone……….I replied, "Well then what?"……."Haven't you got something to tell me"………."N"…….(penny drops!)…….."Ivan, I reaaaaally Lurve Yoooooo!

I think there is room to add the word strip 'When I remember" ;-)

Here is a close up of the tag:

I am doing ok with the 'Eat less Chocolate'……so far anyway.  As usual I have a video taking you on my creative journey from Tim's Inspiration to my Interpretation.  Check out all the fun I had making the background.  I think I am calling it the throw everything at it technique!

February's tag is made so just the editing to do!  Might actually be early…..ish at this rate ;-)

Thank you for popping by X


  1. I laughed out loud at your post, Helen!! Lol! Love the resolutions, esp. the ones on the 3" piece. I'm in 100% agreement there lol! What a great idea to make an extra little piece along with the tag, and then mounting them all together. The finished project will be awesome, I know. You are so talented!


  2. Well then?!! LOL!!! I love your sampler and the piece at the end of the year will be wonderful! Great purple too!

  3. Love, love, love that house

  4. LOL, Helen - you crack me up!!! Poor hubby, standing there waiting .... haha, too funny! It is a wonderful new year's resolution, though! I can do that one, but I won't eat less chocolate!! *g*
    I luuuuuve your tag and square!! I'll go watch the video now :-)

  5. Your tag is fabulous, Helen and loving all your work, :)
    I am your new happy follower!


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