Sunday 1 February 2015

I Heart Art!

Hi everyone

It is time to tempt you to play along with us over at Rubber Dance for this months colour challenge.  The colours are Teal, Maroon/Burgundy and Brown.  As you can see from my card below I added a little cream into the mix!

This was an unusual colour scheme for me so it was fun to try to work with it.  That is the beauty of playing along with our challenge.  Each month a new set of colours and an optional theme to get you thinking.  This months theme if you choose to use it is LOVE!

Just had to make a Valentine but with a little twist.  In the video tutorial I will show you how I made this little 'twist' on an easel card.  I wanted something arty to reflect the new stamps I worked with!  Look what the postman dropped off just in the nick of time!

How happy am I???!!!….Just noticed the Antique Botanicals set is upside down….Ooops.  Check out the video as you will see the gorgeous details in the latest fabulous stamps from Rubber Dance.  These are just 3 of the sets that are launched this month.

So enough of the chit chat, what did I actually make to tempt you to play along with us this month over at Rubber Dance?….

In the video I show you how to make the unusual shaped easel card.  There are a couple of ideas of how to make the most of your stamps by looking at other things you could use them for and of course I show you how you too could make an Arty Hearty Valentine for the one you LOVE this Valentine's Day!

When I was looking for an embellishment to put on my card I found a little bit of a broken Abalone heart bracelet that has been in my drawer awaiting the perfect project.  Add a little knot of delicate tule and I think I will be using this idea again!!

I am tempted to try this design again in Red, Black and Cream with a touch of Pink……But since this is the second Valentine I have made this year!!!!!!  I am already ahead for next year ;-)

Here is the video tutorial.  I hope it inspires you to join in this months Colour Challenge over at Rubber Dance.  I also hope you are temped to pop over and check out all the lovely new addictions to the Rubber Dance Stamp collection.  This fab set is called I Heart Art!

…..Almost forgot if you play along with our challenge you could win stamps!!!!! ' Till next time, Happy Sunday and thank you for popping by X


  1. A fabulous card Helen, I really like the 'twist' you added. Those heart stamps are fabulous!! I love the sketchy look. I chuckled at your 'mistaken' use of the word 'Addictions' rather than additions to the stamp collection. Addictions is definitely right! Haha :o) xx

    1. Bloomin' spell checker!!!! It is apt though so I am going to leave it! You wouldn't think I read my posts through before posting ;-) x

    2. LOL, I adore that mistake - which is not a mistake... Stamp addictions are good for us ;-)
      Absolutely goregous and fun card with a twist, Helen! Thank you so much for promoting our challenge and my new stamps!

  2. Definitely addictions, Helen!! Love the colour scheme and the card. Both are most unusual.

    If you hop over to my blog you will see that I have recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I had my scan on Friday and am awaiting results ahead of surgery. Hopefully they have caught it nice and early and it won't take too long to deal with the problem. In the meantime, my creative mojo has fled - I feel too unsettled to get down to anything, apart from my current embroidery project.


  3. This is fun! LOVE the shape and Love theme! Cool stamps too!

  4. Another unique project, Helen! I adore your creativity, every time you come up with something new!! Hugs

  5. Thank you for your lovely email, Helen, and for the fantastic attachments - what a buddy you are!!! Thank you also for your very encouraging comment on my Cancer Diary page on my blog. I am very grateful to our wonderful NHS and for the early diagnosis as a result of my regular colonoscopies, and we are hoping for minimal intervention to sort the problem out. As for the scanners, it sounds as if your friend had an MRI scan, which involves going inside a tube, which a lot of people find extremely claustrophobic - I've had MRIs in the past and for me it was no problem, and I found the whole thing quite fascinating. The CT scanner is a ring, a bit like a polo mint (or the Stargate lol!), and you are posted through it, so there's no claustrophobia involved. MRI scans involve a strong magnetic field (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT is Computerised Tomography - a series of X-ray images taking slices through your body. They are used for different purposes, according to what they want to show up, so you can't choose between one or the other, unfortunately!

    ROFL (I know I shouldn't...) at your near disaster! I have done similar things. We have to store our choccies in the oven (lol!) because otherwise the cats get them, and a few weeks ago I switched it on instead of the top oven and my hubby fortunately came in and said "What's that awful smell?" as the plastic wrapping started to melt around some fabby Lidl choccie biccies - we managed to rescue them in time, but now every time we have them, he calls them "Melting Moments" Lololol!!! Visitors look enquiringly at us, and the story comes out again and again and I'll NEVER live it down!!!!!!

    I think my poor mojo will probably return once we get definite news of what we are dealing with. I just feel very unsettled at the moment and find it hard to apply myself to anything. We've also had a lot of coming and going (hospital visits interspersed with treats - mostly meals out with family and friends) and this is taking its toll on my energy levels, not great at the best of times! Hopefully things will settle down soon, and I'm keen to get the surgery over asap, after which there will probably be some chemo.

    Thank you again for being such a lovely friend!

    Shoshi x


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