Tuesday 19 February 2013

Fabulous Fashion!

Yesterday I went to the NEC and whilst looking at all the lovely crafting goodies coming our way this season I spotted these and had to share.  I would so love to tackle a project like these!!!!

Paper weaving taken to another level by the tallented Die Cuts With a View team (DCWV)....and if you like the front.....

......Don't you just love the back!  I am sorry my photos don't really do these paper sculptures justice as they are taken on my phone but I think you can see the fabulousness that really shows what you can do with a pretty piece of card stock!!!

What about this very vintage day dress?  Loving the frills and flowers and the pretty prints!  So feminine, such a creative use of card stock.

This one was my favourite.  I love peacocks and the gorgeous colours of their tail feathers.  This paper peacock was stunning.  The artists captured the iridescence of the feathers with DVWVs beautiful papers and glittery highlights. Truly inspiring work. Well Done DCWV.  Love it - Took my mind off my aching feet and my complaining shoulders!


  1. Oh WOW WOW WOW these are totally amazing works of art. Looking at them you would think they were made of something other than paper and card. It is fantastic to see paper made into something as special as these. Makes my cards and other bits look very simple!
    Thank you for sharing these

    1. You're welcome Ria. I am thinking if I can't make a huge piece like this (where would I put it ;-)) I am going to try taking some of the elements and make them into cards - watch this space. Hope you are having a crafty week. x


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