Tuesday 26 February 2013

Trash to Treasure - No 4 (a smidgin' late!)

I wanted to post another video so this is a little later than I wanted it to be.  Today's Trash to Treasure post uses up some things I know you are going to have.  That last little bit of ribbon off the roll that is just too pretty to throw away!  What do you do with it?  I put it all in a tin because it might be useful....one day!  Today is that day and I am emptying out my ribbon scrap tin to see what I have.

And this is what I made.  I can lay claim to using another potentially trash item as these cards were both made with scraps of card and paper out of my (bursting at the seams) scrap box.

These cards are easy to make and can help you use up all those bits you have been saving!  Most crafters I know have a bit of a hoarder habit!!!!  So I think your going to like these.  Fingers Crossed x

Here is a video how to......hope you enjoy it and give it a go yourself.

The winner of the Trash to Treasure No 3 card was..........


Thanks again for the lovely feedback and I will be doing another draw for  one of these ribbon cards on the next Trash to Treasure post.  So if you want to win one of these cards then please leave me a comment here.  What do you do with your ribbon scraps?

I have delved into my ribbon scraps before so here are a couple of links from past posts you might like take a look at if you have lots of ribbon scraps squirrelled away.

Thanks for popping by x


  1. WoohOo! Yaaay me!! Thank you Helen, I am so very happy to have won the denim card! I am grateful that you mentioned my visiting you on TT as I haven't had notification of this new post by you yet. A new mini tute & a video to watch later too, yippee. I used some scraps of ribbon on my junk book here http://www.flickr.com/photos/65345361@N02/8417255555/in/photostream but I haven't actually used the book yet. Well, I've added other stamps etc to some of the pages but that's all so far. I got a wee note from someone, cut it in half and stuck it onto two pages thinking that I would add some Gesso, to slightly obscure the details and that would also add a decent writing base. Except - the ink wasn't fast and it is now all one grungy, grey, mess that looks like it was left out in the rain. The sender must have used 'real' ink I think. Disappointing. Now I need to cover the whole thing again. Sheesh! Anyhoo! Your ribbon cover is soo much bonnier than mine, a real rainbow of colour with really pretty flowers too. I love that quote from Charlie Chaplin. I've added to my 'Useful Quotes doc, hehe. Your new Trash to Treasure cards are gorgeous! The blue/chocolate colours are so fab! Looking forward to watching the video later. Have a great evening Helen :0) Mo x

  2. Having just watched both videos, I think you have improved lots Helen. Much less hesitant and sounding far more confident I'd say. You've done amazingly well over the past 5 months - Bravo! :0) Mo x

    1. Thanks Mo - Practice makes perfect I hope! Has it been 5 months already - wow time flies when you are makin' videos! ;-) x


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