Wednesday 19 March 2014


Hello fellow desk hoppers!

Yippee some free time to catch up with everyone in WOYWW land!  I have my coffee brewing and my eye on the last cookie in the packet so I am all set to desk hop and visit you all!  Just need to write this post first…….mmmmmmm…..what shall I share today?  Well there is this……

One desk with video tutorial underway.  I love that Graphic 45 harlequin print!  A bit messy but I think it will get a whole lot messier before the tutorial is finished!  My camera is on my desk because I am uploading from the card to my computer at the moment.  Then there is this little lot!

This is my photo desk being used as storage at the moment as it is full of all my Graphic 45 creations…..That is what I have been doing for the past two weeks.  I have been as happy as a pig in mud up to my ears in my lovely Graphic 45 stash…..and that is not all of it …….take a look up here!

 A bit gloomy because of the light outside but I think you can see how busy I have been.  Time to put my feet up and visit with my WOYWW friends!  If you want to see any of the projects in more detail here is the link to the audition post.  I know I am up against some very talented opposition but I have had huge fun trying and have created a little new G45 stash room - I have my eye on that 'On the Beach' collection as I love the seaside.

If you are new around here and don't know what WOYWW is then please pop along to Julia's blog by following this link and hop to the desks of crafty folk around the world.  You will have hours of fun and inspiration and will make lots of new friends for sure.

Happy WOYWW to you and thank you for popping by X


  1. Thank you for your comment Helen x
    Wow haven't you been busy. I am spying some beautiful creations. Like you Graphic 45 is a fav as is Basic Grey. I haven't been to your added link as yet but once I have finished snooping I will be back. I need a closer look.
    Kindest regards
    Nelle 53 xx

  2. What a lovely busy desk (s) we like to see creations in the making.

    The house of bears @64

  3. Wow! That's a very busy looking desk. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fun to see how your desk looks while prepping to film! Your work is lovely, and I am always amazed at your wonderful creations. I love Graphic 45 paper, and for some reason I hold on to it instead of using it like you do. I know there will always be "more in the store". I am rooting for you as always! Thanks for visiting today! Winnie

  5. Wow !! These are pretty crafty you made Iam love G-45 too Happy WOYWW

    hugs Peggy xx #12

  6. Anonymous12:35

    Fantastic projects Helen and I love the creative mess. I can see why my desk looks so pristine to you, lol!! Oh, and I nabbed that last biscuit while I was here... sorry!

    Brenda 66

  7. Well now, who isn't a lover of G45? Love ALL your fancy makes, what a personality your room is taking on.

    Thanks for the earlier visit and the nice comment.
    Krisha #20

  8. oooh I *heart* graphic45 papers so this is totally fun to see today. Good Luck to you! :) and thanks for the visit ~Stacy #83

  9. You really have been a busy beaver and such talent oozing from your creations too. I hope you win. Good luck anyway.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 14
    Happy WOYWW

  10. Gorgeous creations! I love Graphic 45 paper. I tend to hoard it though, like it's too pretty and precious to use! I must start using it! Thanks for the inspiration,
    Lindart #81

  11. Hi Helen...thx for the ARE a busy bee! And your work is beautiful!
    Susan #82

  12. OMG your projects are gorgeous (made it all the way to the end on the link) I wouldn't even know where to start with a favourite.
    I have a few Graphic 45 papers but maybe I need some more especially the Art Nouveau type ones.... gotta go shopping
    happy WOYWW day
    janet #29

  13. thanks for visiting and your comment you did make me LOL as for your projects goodness you have been busy what stunning work G45 papers are so wonderfully colourful and you have created some awesome pieces off to check out eh link in a minute have fab week and hope you have lots more happy crafting time crafting Andrea#8

  14. You've got lots going on over at your place today, looks good.
    I think the feather on my desk is from a Canada goose. It's the only thing that flies over that is so big Helen

  15. Love all your projects, but then you know that because I already commented on your G45 post.

    Short visit this week I'm afraid, very late today with the linking up.
    Ann B

  16. Loving your various projects and stash.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sue 52

  17. Busy busy busy as usual Helen. I'm wondering what video you're editing at the mo. Perhaps your March TH Tag? I just finished mine today. I wasn't sure I was going to do one, but the leetle grey cells must have been working whilst I was sleeping as an idea just popped up et voila, as they say, haha. Hope you enjoyed the last cookie ;) x

  18. I love graphic45 things. Looks like you have been incredibly busy and there are some gorgeous creations and stash on display here. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#95)

  19. Hi Helen, thanks for your visit and I'm staring gob smacked, your projects are stunning, just beautiful, glad you love creating cause we love looking. Love your style, Cheers RobynO#38

  20. That's some lovely creations you have going on there! I love Graphic 45 and you have surely made some creative pieces!
    Glenda #54

  21. Wow, those are some gorgeous projects you created! Love all the layers and the colors.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #1

  22. Anonymous20:48

    You've been very prolific -- it is obvious that you're having a marvelous time making all these beautiful things. Happiest of WOYWWs to you. :-) ~ Laura #67

  23. Hello Helen and thank you so much for visiting me. I am in awe of your talent - gorgeous projects. Sorry I'm late with my visit Anne x #44

  24. An absolute pleasure to visit your blog and especially today as you have shown us all that G45 stuff that you have been busy with. Fabulous makes (as always). Uber talented!
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me - Neet 26 xx

  25. You have a lot of creativity going on! Happy WOYWW... Love your desk full of craftyness.
    See you next week.
    Kimmer #91... last , but not least AGAIN.. LOL


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