Wednesday 8 January 2014

New Year Art Journal Page

This page was inspired by the fabulous fireworks display in London that we watched on the TV as our family toasted  in the New Year.  It was such a fab display that we are seriously thinking about being there next Year………There is a little issue of our great British weather but I think the atmosphere would keep us warm!!!

As usual I have made a video and I hope you like it.  I stuck with the music with hints and tips along the way as most of you seemed to like that format.

I have had some lovely feedback already this morning so I am a happy bunny!

Welcome to my new subscribers and I look forward to sharing more creativity with you this year.  Don't forget to leave me a comment as I love to chat!!!

Here's hoping my wish comes true for us all and that we all get more time to create in 2014!!!

Thank you for popping by x


  1. A great page, I enjoy your videos with great difficulty as it seems to stop VERY VERY VERY frequently! I must have restarted it at least a hundred times as it was stopping every few seconds at one stage :-(( & I kept losing the sound....obviously I shall have to try watching you via a computer rather than my iPad but that will have to wait for my return to the uk in 11 weeks time . Meanwhile keep the cameras rolling and I'll watch you at a later date :-)


    1. Hi Sally sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the video. I find the same problems sometimes especially if I want to view when all the kids are home from school! Thank you for persevering though. You have me intrigued as to why you are away for so long (just being nosey ;-)) I hope it is because of a fabulous holiday!

  2. Totally wonderful page Helen & as I said on YouTube - it was lots of fun to watch too :o) xx


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