Thursday 17 October 2013

I'm Falling for You!

It is a lovely morning here in Derbyshire.  A complete contrast to the drab, damp and grey day we had yesterday.  A great day to go out for a walk and to collect Autumn leaves!!!!

.......and that leads neatly into my post today.  A little while ago, as I mentioned yesterday, I watched a YouTube video by Lindsay the Frugal Crafter about using your microwave to dry flowers and leaves.  It worked a treat and is so fast.  I have a pile of lovely leaves and I wanted to do something with them.

I had an idea for a card but the problem was my leaves are crispy and would not stand up to the envelope or the post.  I had an idea to coat the leaves to make them less fragile and I tried glossy accents and clear embossing powder and as you will see in my tutorial the glossy accents won!  It was easy to apply and had enough flexibility once dry to help make the leaves more durable.  They still need to be handled gently but they would definitely go into an envelope for hand delivery but I would suggest a box if you decided to post them.  I am going to try to find some more leaves today as I want to make a home decor project with them - I am not sure what yet but the first step is having enough leaves!!!

So here is my romantic card with an Autumnal twist.

This is a better shot of the leaves and the real colours as I seem to be a bit in shadow when I took the photo above.

In my YouTube tutorial I only give a quick explanation of how to dry the leaves so I have shared Lindsay's link so you can watch the full tutorial so you too can dry flowers and leaves for fun projects like my card.  Hope you like it and give it a go.  The colours of the Autumn leaves are fab at this time of year and it is great to be able to preserve them in this way.

I am not sure who I have made this card for as I have already 'fallen' for my hubby but maybe Callum will want to use it one day!!!  I am sure though that this design would look fab with lots of other greetings or quotes stamped in place of my Autumnal romantic one.  I might try changing the colours and add frosty elements to the leaves whilst the glossy accents is wet to achieve a Christmassy look - perhaps with dried ivy leaves!!!!  Don't you just love it when one inspiration leads to another!?

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments both here and on my YouTube channel.  Don't forget to subscribe if you like my work.  I really appreciate your support.

Hope you have an inspirational day and thank you for popping by X


  1. beautiful! My kids dried leaves this way for their plant report at school too! Thnks for the shout out!

  2. Another winning beauty Helen xx


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