Sunday 9 June 2013

Shadows and Scissors

Six hours and 48 minutes left in the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge this week!  I don't know where the time has gone????  I seem to be saying that a lot lately.  Did someone fast forward time? ;-)

The first 'S' word that inspired me this week was Shadows and as I have made a canvas entirely out of cream card stock and cram paint it is the Shadows that play an important role in how the finished piece looks.    It made me think of all the elements we all include in our work that add texture and layers and even if we are not fully aware of it it is the shadows that we create that add the interest and drama to our creations.  Working entirely in one colour lets you see all the shadows and I think they definitely add the drama to my Water Lilly Pond.

The other 'S' word was Scissors and they were the most used tool as I put together my canvas I used them to cut out my Waterlilies and Leaves and believe it or not all the lettering.  I would rather not have had to cut out the letters but I did not have a chipboard alphabet small enough to use so I hand cut all the letters for my verse.  It took me quite a while as you can imagine and there were a few points when I thought.....'What am I doing?!'  But I got there and I am quite pleased that as they are hand cut they have the same charm as using your own handwriting does on a layout........However, I will be keeping my eye open for a very small chipboard alphabet all the same ;-)

As you can see my Scissors certainly got a work out.  Each of the Water Lilies have 7 Layers and a finely fringed centre.....and as I mentioned before those hand-cut letters.

Look at all that fringing.  It takes a while but I really love the fluffy finish it gives to the Lily centre.

I wrapped my box canvas with embossed strips and corners (more shadows!) and added a few creamy pearls to look like brads.

I also used pearls to make the bodies of the Dancing Dragonflies.

Dragonflies flying on gossamer wings.
Reflecting the beauty of wonderous things.
                                                                            Helen Allen

So with 6 hours and 22 minutes to spare I am pressing the post button and am off to link with the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge.  I wonder what challenge tomorrow will bring!

Thank you for popping by X


  1. Anonymous23:04

    Stunning! Very elegant.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words... Made me want to see what you make. I came here and had to look closer to this incredibly elegant and stunning canvas. (Took me a while to see all the details on it) So elegant and so precise made!

  3. Wonderful canvas - I love all the shadows, texture and layers. I'm in awe of the fact that you put in the time to hand-cut all those letters too! :) Thanks for joining us for this week's Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!

  4. Helen ... your white canvas is absolutely gorgeous. All of that hand cutting must have taken HOURS to do...but the results are so worth it! I love your water lilies! They are absolutely stunning. I also love your sentiment and the little dragonflies you have added to the canvas. Such a lovely design and beautifully crafted. Love it all! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece of art with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  5. What a stunning piece of work. Your water-lilies are beautiful. Although i do have, and often use, a cameo machine and a cuttlebug, I do like hand-cutting, but this is real dedication! The shadows are a perfect finishing touch to bring it all to life. Kate x

  6. Hi Helen
    oh wow this is STUNNING working in one colour is so hard as you have to get everything right and you did that with all your cutting out.
    This is a fantastic piece of art that you should be proud of.
    Love it

  7. Soooo pretty! Love the soft look! The water lilies are so beatiful. I love how you did the tail of the dragonfly, just so elegant.

  8. This is stunning! Love that you've made this with only a little under 7 hours on the clock! And all that handcutting! Stunning! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and also thank you so very much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. Hugs, Sandra

  9. Very, very gorgeous Helen. Your attention to detail is always so impressive and inspirational. Best of luck in the challenge :D
    Sorry I haven't been around much, life just gets in the way sometimes huh. Have a great week :0) Mo x

  10. Oh my goodness Helen this is gorgeous! I love how the white shows off all of the detail and texture you put into this piece! You are a scissor ninja!

    So beautiful!


  11. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your kind comments. It means so much to me that you take the time to say hello. Every comment is like a virtual hug to me and spurs me on in my creative endeavours. I have a couple of things up my sleeve and hope to post them soon. Wishing you all a fabulous week. Helen XXX

  12. Sorry I missed this last week! Absolutely gorgeous make! I love love love the all white look! Just fabulous!!!!


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