Thursday 6 June 2013

Another Scrapbook Page Idea - Another video tutorial!

It's official, I am definitely addicted to making video tutorials.  They take ages but it is such a fun way to share inspiration and techniques.  I thought you might be interested to know how I produce my videos so for this video I am posting today it started with an idea which I thought it would make a fun tutorial.

I switch on my camera that is perched on a tripod above my desk and make my idea into a layout.  A layout normally take me ages even when I am not videoing and when I am I tape everything even the thinking things through and the changing of my mind and the disappearing next door to fetch stash and tools!  I do this mainly to avoid forgetting to turn the camera back on if I take a break to find something.  Can you guess that I have done that before ;-)

This means I fill up my camera memory card, and it has ha big capacity, normally right before the finishing touches of a project so I have to down load it to my computer before I can finish off.  If you ever see lighting changes on one of my tutorials this is probably why.  It takes an hour or two to down load and then I get back to videoing the finishing touches of my layout (probably the next day).

Another shorter download and then it takes me hours of editing to get together best bits - talking to myself for hours to explain what I am doing.  I am a bit of a stickler for trying to make my tutorials as clear as I can so sometimes it is a few takes before I get the right shots with the right voiceover.  I also don't want to bore you by showing you me repeating a process over and over so there are the fast forwards to work out.  In my head these are the points you are most likely to pause the video whilst you  get to the same point.

Then when I think I am happy I watch the whole thing through and add things like music or written notes to give extra information I think might be useful.

Then I watch it through again and you would think that is it job done - Nope......then I 'finalise' the video which takes hours (I have no idea what the computer is doing but I have to do it before I can upload to You Tube - usually an overnight job and then in the morning all going smoothly I can post to my blog and here it is!!!

That is what I go through when it is a smooth run which this layout was not!  The layout itself came together perfectly but then when I edited it I had a 20 minute video.  Now anyone that watches You Tube videos knows that shouldn't be a problem......ha..... I have ticked the box that says I want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes but will it let me......oh no!  So I spent best part of a day looking for answers and all I learnt is that I am not the only one with the problem.  In the end I admitted defeat and reedited the video taking care to get rid of chat and not instruction!  And you've guessed it Finalise again and finally upload over last night.

You can imagine I am always happy to turn on my computer the next morning to see the message from You Tube saying my video has uploaded successfully!  So for a 15 minute video there is approximately 3 days of work involved.  You may then be wondering why I like it so much.  It is all about the sharing.  I love to design and I love to teach and inspire (I hope) other crafters.  Once my video is uploaded it is there for any crafter wherever they are in the world to watch and I hope to craft along or be inspired to create something that pops into their heads.  How cool is that?

A lot of reading to do on this post but I thought it might be interesting - If it was not I'm sure you have skipped to the pictures anyway ;-)

So the idea that popped into my head was how to create a faux zipper and if you watch the video you can find out how I used Ranger foil tape sheets and a soda can ring pull to make this fun and zingy layout!

How cute does that zipper pull look?!!!  This is a fun layout for fun photos and these photos of Callum and Hubby trying on hats in Disney were perfect to tuck into the open zip!

The zingy papers are from the Fern and Forest Collection by Little Yellow Bicycle.  They are a new company to me and I have to say I was impressed by the quality of the paper as I gave it a work out with all that hand sewing!  I have got my eye on a couple of new collections coming out....oh no not more shopping!!!

There is another benefit to creating a layout on camera and that is that it doesn't end up in the UnFinished Objects pile!  Usually in my case waiting for journalling which as you can see here is all done and now the layout is waiting to go into an album!.....and that is another pile altogether ;-)

Hope you like the tutorial and I'd love you to subscribe to my You Tube channel if you like my work as it is a great motivation to me.  I love to read your comments and I try to reply as often as I can and I definitely will reply if you have any questions.

Thank you for popping by X

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  1. Great tut! Love the theme, and the photos are wonderful! The orange is awesome!


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