Thursday 11 April 2013

Tag Tuesday - Letter N

Running a bit late again this week.  I am blaming it on the Easter holidays!!!!  It looks like Spring is finally threatening to arrive in my neck of the woods.  The weatherman is forecasting the weekend for a significant rise in temperatures and cold, rain and snow before then!!!!  Talk about hedging your bets.  I have another yellow tag this week before I move on to the green family of distress inks.  It is definitely a cold acid yellow which is my least favourite shade of yellow which is odd as I do usually tend to favour the colder tones of most other colours.

My Zentangle patterns this week are on the left of the main tag a pretty one called NETTING on the right one that takes ages NINJA STARS!  The little tag on the bottom is NIPA and the top little tag turned out to be my favourite pattern this week NZEPPEL.  I think it has made the tag look a little bit bowed.  What do you think?  It definitely looks more complicated than it was to draw.  If you are keeping up with all the tag art being shared at Tag Tuesday then click on the link!

I am off to learn how to add a Pay Pal button to my blog.  If I master it I will be able to sell my patterns and video tutorials direct from my Blog - that would be cool.

Hope you are having a great week.  I am hoping to announce a giveaway next week so keep popping by!


  1. Another great tag Helen. I think that yellow color with the black is a striking combo. I have to read up on this Zentangle, as it looks so cool but looks so hard. It is such an optical illusion. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Winnie, I recommend you have a go - I am quite new to it myself. The website I have linked to has all the how to draw lessons where they break the patterns down into easy to follow steps. It is very therapeutic. It is cold out there tonight so I am going to get ahead on my next tag and snuggle up in my craft room. Hugs Helen x

  2. Hi Helen - seems ages since I was around here but it was only a week ago. Quite bizarre really, when I feel that Tag Tuesday comes around every other day, haha.
    This newest tag is fab, and like Winnie before me, I think the colour combo is very striking. What strange names the zentangle patterns have eh? I mean.........'Nzeppel'?! Crikey! Haha. That one does look complicated. I must go have a peak at how to do it. New term starts here on Monday - YiPpEe! Lol Have a wonderful weekend :0) Mo x

    1. Hi Mo I am with you on the Zentangle Names - It wasn't a typo!!! I am looking forward to the new term too but for the early mornings again! It has been a treat not to have to put the alarm on. I have promised myself to fit a bit of exercise in to that early morning start - watch this space!!!! ;-) Hope the weekend is warmer though I am not holding my breath. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend too Mo. Hugs Helen x


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