Saturday 26 January 2013

The UFO Pile is decreasing!

I was just going through my blog getting ready to post when I found I had to draft items I hadn't gotten round to posting so I guess this post became a UFO for a while too!

Do you feel as virtuous as me when you finished a layout or project that has been gathering dust for a while?

I used a glitter paper to mimic the sparkles of the sun shining on the sea and kept the embellishments to a minimum so as not to detract from the enjoyment on our faces!  I actually used some rub ons that I have had for eons!

This layout brings back happy memories of sitting on the beach feasting on lovely, sticky, cold, gooey cakes.  Huge cakes at that.  My favourite was a lovely soft enormous meringue slice!  It was a perfect end to a day of lazing by the sea enjoying the sun with absolutely nothing else to do but eat cake!


UFO UnFinished Objects!


  1. Oh I am feeling that sun from your holiday photos what a lovely scrap page

    1. Thanks Ria......but can you taste the cake....I wish I could right now ;-) !!! x

  2. I haven't felt that feeling for a while!! :)

    1. Its unusual for me too Laura so I just had to share my small victory!!! x


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