Monday 20 August 2012

Tag Tuesday - Theatre and Cinema

My tag this week is definitely emphasis on the Cinema.  It has taken me a while to do this one.  I think I was trying to include too many elements.  I definitely wanted popcorn but I was having trouble coming up with a nice design including some other cinema elements.  I got there in the end so here is my tag:

Found a great poster of a Disney film I love (all versions) that matched perfectly....maybe a little too perfectly so here is another so I can tell you about the details of my tag this week.

I started by printing out a popcorn box template I found on the internet which I resized a couple of times until I had the dimensions I wanted.  As you can see I am into zentangling a the moment!  It was after the zentangling frenzy that the colour and design of the tag finally came to me.  I printed out some old cinema tickets which I attached with a cute brad.  I made a black tag with a red border that I zentangled again and before I put the whole thing together I sliced into my black tag to weave in the film strips (which were taken from a movie production logo I found).

Whilst I was doing all this my kitchen roll popcorn was drying!  I did toy with the idea of real popcorn - but it probably wouldn't have made it to the photo!!  I stuffed the bottom of my box with more kitchen roll and added my now dry popcorn to the top of the box and its a wrap!

Here are some of the bits and pieces that didn't make it to the editors final cut!

Off now to see what the lovely folk at Tag Tuesday have been making this week - probably in much better time than me (follow the link if you want to see more).  I'd better check out what the theme is for tomorrow I guess!


  1. What a fabulous design! I love it!

  2. Brilliant!! I lOve this. In fact I LOVE all your stuff! :0)

  3. Hello!

    Oh my! This is wonderful - spectacular! I have never seen anything like this - perfection! Wishing you happiness today!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Fantastic tag-vibrant and imaginative

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Brilliant tag - love it!


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