Monday 13 August 2012

Tag Tuesday - Casino, Amusements and BINGO!

I just about made it this week!  I taught classes on Friday so the whole week has been taken up with prep but I didn't want to miss out making this weeks tag.  I started out wanting to make a one armed bandit but when I looked at a few photos on the internet it all looked a bit complicated and then I saw this.....

.....I remember playing on these when we visited the beach when I was a child.  After a day on the sand we would all dress and then set off for some tea.  I didn't much like the feeling of salt dried on my skin as I pulled on my clothes nor the vigorous rubbing of my feet to get off the worst of the sand before putting sandals back on.  Still it was a small price to pay for all the fun of the beach.  After tea we would sometimes visit a Penny Arcade and I used to love flicking the ball around the metal spiral to see where it would end up! So here is how I went about making this blast from my past!

I started with my usual tag shape and then started cutting out the shapes I would need to construct my arcade game.  My new Stampin' Up punch was perfect for the sign on top of my arcade game to be!

Next I made the box for my tag using my scoreboard.

Starting to take shape .......

It's not glued together yet but I think I have the construction right.

The photo I found was very poor quality and even worse when I printed it out a little larger for my tag. I decided to go over it with my pro markers.  First I did the 'Have a Go!' sign and you can see the huge difference it made.  I also started to look through my stash for suitable metal bits and pieces to make my game look real.

Here is the sign in place with a piece of acetate to mimic glass.

Next for the fiddly bit!  After I pro markered the background image I carefully cut around the spiral shape.  I also covered a strip of card with metal foil and snipped into it so I would be able to follow the spiral curve.

Here are all the metal pieces added and I am ready to put it all together.  I really wish I could have made this work!  I took me a little while to get it all together and I almost forgot my metal ball (silver bead in my case!)

Here it is all finished.  Why are small versions of things so darn cute?!

A bit closer on the details.

I couldn't do this with the Arcade games of my childhood!!  I feel like a giant!  Hope you like my tag.  If you would like to see more tags that were inspired by the Tag Tuesday theme this week then follow this link.

I'm off to bed now - Night Night, don't let the Bed Bugs bite!!


  1. I just had to come and leave you a comment - you just left one for WOYWW on my blog saying 'eat chocolate whilst you do it' - that caught me in the very act of eating chocolate and I still haven't started the inserts .... x

  2. Helen -you are a marvel! What a fab creation this is. So much attention to detail - I just love the curly silver ball pathway. Great idea to make the colours pop with your own colouring.
    Wow, this is super. Going back for another peek.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. WOW...Did I say WOW? I should have said OMG WOW! Helen your project is a treasure! I'm going back to gaze in wonderment!

  4. WOW!! This is fantastic Helen...So much detail...even down to the little ball...You are super creative!! Jan x

  5. That's quite a complex tag, Helen. Very well done!

    Thanks for your comment. I don't consider any comment on WOYWW before 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday is too late lol!! When I managed to visit the whole lot, I literally visited the last ones in the final 5 minutes of Tuesday! Anyway, I love having visits all through the week, because it makes the whole thing last longer.

    What a good idea, saving the other nail stickers for art projects! Brilliant.

    I more or less cleared another shelf this afternoon. Most of the stuff is either on the floor or just moved into another room - but at least I know where it's going now. I can't do too much at once, but at least it makes me feel better knowing I'm making progress! What amazes me is the stuff I've kept over the years - these things must have been important to me once!!


  6. I love this tag. You are so creative! Thanks for sharing.


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