Monday 12 March 2012

I Have Been Saving Fruit/Vegetable Nets!

I know some of you will think it was a strange thing to collect and others of you will think it is totally understandable.  I have been doing it for some time now as you can see looking at my collection and have been meaning to sit down to see what I can do with them.  So first of all I took them all and tidied them up a bit by trimming off all the labels and straightening them out (they won't stay that way for long!).
After - Can you tell what our family eats from this photo?
Then I made flowers!  If you want to make these I have written a small tutorial so just click on this link.

Now what to do with them all.  I had a little think and I used the yellow flowers as the starting point.  I collected together some papers I thought would show them off and this is the finished card.

If I had used the black netting they might have looked like fishing net flowers!
If you like this card there is a tutorial available if you click on this link.  I like how my lemon net flowers have turned out and they were very easy to make.  I am going to have another think about what else I can do with all my nets.  I think they would make a neat alternative to ribbon so watch this space!!

I'd be interested to know what you can come up with or have already used them for.

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