Sunday 21 December 2014

Faux Altered Christmas Book

Hi Everyone

Well the computer goes to the menders on Monday.  It is going to be strange not popping in here to talk to my screen!!!!  Here is my penultimate video for the year and it is a long one!  In  fact I think it is the longest I have ever put up.  I think you may be better off watching it in 2 or 3 sittings - make it in to a serial!

It does have a couple of great tips and techniques though so it is worth persevering to see how to make this!

The clue to this project is the word 'Faux'.  A little while ago I went to a workshop with the MDF man and the lovely Karen and we all had great fun making a Faux altered book.  In the video you will see the secret to the aperture in this book and it is not hours and hours of gluing pages together and then cutting out an aperture!  Genius!

Here is the link to his website and if you are in the area his workshops are a real treat.  Great value for money - fun projects and lovely people…..oh and did I mention the shopping!???

I was itching to come home and see what I could do with my new kit and of course it had to be Christmas.  This is the book from the outside.

I decided to decorate the cover as I want to display this book on a table and tempt people to peak inside and discover the magical world within!  So why is the video so long - well there was lots to show you.  As I put this together I show you how to make faux leather, I try my hand at creating my own texture paste and I have to say it worked a treat and of course there is the creation of the little winter wonderland within.

We are going to take a photo of us all together at Christmas and I am going to include that in the pages and I may add Christmas 2014 to the spine of the book later on.

So without further ado and chatter here is the tutorial.  I hope you like it.

Hope you are all having a fabulous time…..not many sleeps until Santa arrives …..hope he remembers I've been good and really really need some Pitt Brush Pens ;-)

Thank You for popping by X


  1. I'm afraid I've rather neglected you of late, Helen - for which I apologise! There's been a lot going on in my life lately and my blog-following activities have suffered as a result. I have opened your long video in Youtube and intend sitting down and having a nice long session with it in the next day or two - it looks very intriguing indeed! Looking at your next post - congratulations on completing all the tags for 2014, and I look forward to catching up with those, too.

    Happy New Year, and may the coming year be full of creative opportunities for us both, and the opportunity to share them - your work always inspires me so much!!


    1. Hi Shoshi - Happy New Year to you! Please don't apologise as I know what it is like when life gets so hectic you don't know which way is up! I look forward to sharing more creativity with you too you always give me something new to consider! Here is wishing us both a little extra time in the day that we can spend creating!!!! I have so many ideas in my head I need it!

      Hugs Helen x

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