Friday 14 November 2014

Better Late than Never!!

Hi Everyone

I am finally getting round to sharing my recent trip to Cornwall with you.  I have been so hectic since we got back I am not sure where the time is going!

We had a wonderful time and the icing on the cake for me was being able to teach a workshop for the lovely Margaret at Scrapbook Magic.  I loved meeting everyone and we all had a wonderful time creating with yummy Graphic 45 papers and pretty soon we had a whole host of Pyramids appearing!

This was a great test fun for my brand new chipboard kits for this workshop and they worked a treat!  I and my class were happy not to have to cut chipboard before all the fun stuff of construction and decorating could start!!!

Here is the lovely Tilly spraying her ribbon to match the papers we were using.  I have to say that Tilly is a crafting star of the future for sure!  She is 10 and she definitely gets a 10 from me for her Pyramid!  Amazing talent.

Look at what we put inside our Pyramids!

That's what I like to see lots of happy crafters!  We had a workshop full of laughter as you can see.  Scrapbook Magic is in a lovely setting and is full to the brim with crafting goodies too!  Unfortunately the view was shrouded in mist that day but to be honest we didn't notice ;-)

For this workshop and of course to use more of our lovely Couture papers I change the design of the pages of the mini album so each page had a fold out section (not flap!!! this word put everyone in stitches) to make room for more photos or journaling.

Time for a chat before the class began and as you can see I bought lots of samples along!  So if you are a crafter living in Cornwall then please go and visit Margaret and book a workshop.  I know you will have a fun time and make some great friends as well as some lovely projects.  When I left Margaret was getting ready for a class using Christmas Clarity stamps!  Follow this link to find out more!

…and the rest of the holiday…..well there were a couple of these!

Views like this…….

….and did I mention we had one or two of these????

……..more lovely views

Where Callum did a spot of this!   Brrrrrrr……

I did paddle a bit……..until my feet went a bit numb ;-)  Paddling and surfing on the 1st November!!!!

I love this photo of a little spot we discovered…

Oh and no trip to Cornwall is complete without one or two of these!!!!

mmmmmmmmm tasty!  So a huge thank you to Margaret and everyone at Scrapbook Magic for a wonderful day and to Cornwall for great views no matter the weather and of course for hot chocolate and cream teas!!!!!!

Have a fun weekend.

Thank you for popping by x

PS I will be posting a Christmas tutorial tomorrow x


  1. Anonymous20:20

    It was fantastic to have Helen take a class for us we all had a great day. We are hoping that Helen will. Join us again wove ray soon. Goog Luck Helen with the new kits xx

  2. Lucky lucky peeps getting to try out your new kits. The blue pyramid looks fabulous. I hope mine looks half as good when I get my kit.
    It looks like the weather was very kind to you Helen, the views are stunning and the hot chocolates delish! I can't believe Callum was surfing, BrRrRR, lol.
    Looking forward to the next video tutorial. Have a great weekend ((Hugs)) :o) xx

    1. Kits are packed up and ready to weigh! Should be up on Monday x

  3. I am usually here for the crafting - but what a pleasant surprise to see pictures of my homeland - England! Especially that area where my family and I holidayed several times before we left for the States! I envy your cream teas and those drinks - wow!!!
    So thank you for this post - much fun was obviously had by all! Julie

    1. Hi Julie - you have cream tea envy and I have craft shop envy!!!! Happy to have evoked fun memories for you. I am hoping to visit a couple of craft shops in Orlando in the summer next year!!!! Saving all my pennies ;-) x


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