Monday 22 September 2014

Celebrating with Cake

Hi Everyone

I have been waiting to share this with you until it had been safely delivered to our friend Kath who turned 50 at the weekend.  She loves purple, pink and glitter and was having a party to celebrate her big day so making her my celebration cake seemed like the perfect gift!

I decided on a two tier version as that meant I could have one mini album for all her guests to sign at the party and the bottom tier holds another mini to keep all those fun party photos and let me tell you as she kicked off the evening with a whole heap of gymnastic fun before moving on to the disco there will be some fab photos!  I bet there were a few party guests with aches in brand new places after throwing themselves into half summersaults on the huge crash mats!  I will say one of those guests was NOT me!  I let Callum and Ivan have all the fun and saved myself for the Macarena on the dance floor! ;-)

I have left the minis slightly out of their cake drawers so you can see that they are minis and not just plain old cake!!!

I loved this girly colour scheme which took me back to my Donny Osmond days!  I will have to ask Kath if she loves purple because of Donny!!!!

This is the view from the back which I personalised for Kath and added lots more glitter!  If you love this and would like to make one for someone celebrating a special occasion you can purchase my online workshop either from my right hand sidebar by pressing the buy now button or you can follow this link to my ETSY shop and do it there.  There are more photos of the many different ways for decorating this fab project and you can make a single, double or triple tier cake.  There are full photo instructions that accompany comprehensive video instructions too.

It really is lovely to put together and looks wonderful when presented as a gift….

I actually came up with this design after Kath asked me if I could make a little something for a friend of hers who was celebrating a 40th birthday and the first celebration cake mini was born!  Her friend loves butterflies so I just had to include them in the topper!

Whilst I was filming the workshop it grew a bit and I made a full 3 tier wedding version!  Well that is it from me for today.  Hope you pop along to get your copy of my online workshop with all the links for the video tutorials.  Whilst you are there why not check out all the workshops that have fun Christmas versions including the Christmas Cake version of this project!

Thank you for popping by X


  1. Anonymous19:20

    Woozer!!! Fantastic project!!!

  2. Wow, that's fantastic, Helen, and what a marvellous keepsake for your friend. It's things like this that make those "landmark" birthdays all the more special!


  3. What a stunning gift to give your friend Kath, she must have been thrilled with it! Anne x

  4. delicious! love this


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