Thursday 22 November 2012

New Design Idea for the Surprise Package

I have been working hard since my last post and almost have project number 2 ready to add to my shop.  I am on the final edits to the pattern and I also want to make a third video to go with the main video tutorials that will accompany this set of card patterns (small clue before the big reveal!!)

This week I realised that my craft business is about selling templates for great paper crafting projects I have designed (if I say so myself!!!) and personal virtual tuition, a private class with me that my customers can attend whenever and how often they like!  I want to be sure that anyone that buys from me knows I will (virtually) hold their hand every step of the way, giving clear and detailed instruction so they can be sure to make a project they will love.  I think with a few tweaks I just wrote my company mission statement!!!!

So taking a short break from project number two I want to share a design idea for anyone that has purchased or will purchase the Surprise Package Template which was the first item on the virtual shelves of my brand new shop.  

Introducing the Comic Strip Surprise Package.  

This design would be fab to make for a youngster, teen or that always young at heart lover of comics in your life.  A great design for the boys in our lives which is always a bonus when it comes to card making inspiration.

I have made a video that shows of the detail of the comic strip design.  It is a bonus mini tutorial to any customer that buys my Surprise Package Template.  I am hoping that all my design idea videos will now and in the future help me promote my business and generate interest in what I do and of course turn interest into sales ;-) !!!

Thank you so much for joining me on my crafting journey and being interested enough to click the follow link.  If you like what you see here then please pass the link of my blog and brand new shop to your friends.

Here is the design idea video.

Thank you for watching and incase I have tempted you - here is the link to my shop!!!!

I hope to post my Tag Tuesday and 12 Tags of 2012 this weekend.  It will be nice make a tag again.  I have had a bit of a lull!!!!


  1. Hi Helen - this looked like such a fun idea I went to your etsy shop and bought the template ... now this may be a really ditsy question, but what's meant to happen next? I kind of thought I'd get something in the post, but it was a week ago and it now occurs to me that maybe I was meant to download something? If so, it wasn't obvious to me at the time - please help! I want to have a go at one for a couple of special Christmas cards :o)

    1. Hi Annie - I have replied via ETSY. I sent the email with everything you need on the 17 Nov. Check your inbox and junk mail and then let me know. If you didn't get it email me - that makes sure I have a good email address incase there were any problems with the email address Paypal gave me. I will keep an eye on my email so we can get this sorted asap x

    2. Thanks Helen for sorting me out so quickly - I checked my junk mail (nothing, but it did alert me to the fact that notifications form my blog had been junked!) then it dawned on me that I have a different email for paypal and that's the one you'd have! ta-da! I think it might be an idea to make it obvious to dimmocks like me that it will be emailed :o) - can't wait to have a play now!

    3. I think you are right Annie - not about the dimmock part!!!!!. I think I should do that. I am about to put another item up this weekend so I will amend it then. I am glad you found it ok. Let me know how you get on.

      I have been having a play today and am making a Tag for Tag Tuesdays Music theme so I am just editing a fun video - a fast forward of how I did it.

      Helen x


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