Monday 17 June 2013

Where Has the Time Gone?

I can't believe that it has been over a week since I last posted!  I have been busy crafting but it wasn't something I could share just yet!!!

Here is something I can.  This afternoon I have scrapbooked some old family photos of my husband on his Christening day.  I used some of my papers from the Bo Bunny Gabrielle collection.  They are perfect for that pretty vintage look that goes so well with old sepia coloured photographs.

I used half of the Gabrielle Mocha Die cut to make a flap ......mmm should something that looks so pretty be called a flap????  I wanted to be able to add the story of the Christening so I needed room and as you can see here I now have plenty and I had room to add a couple more photos.  One is of Ivan on the shoulders of his Dad in Hong Kong and one is of Ivan's Mum looking radiant carrying Ivan's brother Mark.  I just love looking at the fashions in these old photos.  The proud parents look so dapper but apparently they were wearing borrowed clothes as a suitcase had gone missing and that is the story I am going to journal about.

Looking at this picture here I am thinking that the Promenade paper I used to back the die cut is a little dark and overpowering compared to the muted tones of the rest of the layout so I may just tone it down a little with some cream paint before I journal on it.  I had fun weaving paper strips through a lacy punched border on my main page which is Gabrielle Stripe.....well it is on the other side anyway!!  I just love the colours of this collection and the lovely butterflies that pop up here and there.  So as usual this layout goes into the 'still to be journaled pile!'  This time though I do have the excuse I am going to get the story of Ivan's Christening from my Mother in Law so it will have to wait a little while until she visits us.  Well that's my excuse ;-)

I had a wander in the garden just before I came in to post this and I couldn't resist taking these photos.

Look at this fabulous Peony.  It is almost like two flowers in one.  I am going to challenge myself to make one of these in paper so watch this space!!

This one is about to open.  All the fluffy centre is still hidden from view.  I love Peonies but it isn't very often that they stay upright as they normally get battered by wind and rain!  That soon makes these huge blooms droop on their stems.

We've got quite a few buds as you can see and the weather is fine (touch wood) so we may get our best display yet!

Oh and look who is coming to say hello!  It is the chief maker of patches in the lawn!  Doesn't he know he is a boy dog?????  Actually the lawn looks good in this photo but you can see one patch middle right.  Do you think Comet wants to play?  He prefers tug of war to fetch.....I don't think he realises he is a Retriever either!!!!!  I think he knows he is cute though ;-)

Thank you for popping by X


  1. That's a gorgeous layou out Helen, the vintage/sepia pictures are awesome. I think the family look so sweet and proud and ever so happy. What a shame about thir suitcae tho'!
    :0) Mo x

  2. Great layout but those flowers are to die for totally beautiful beyond belief how lucky of you to have them in the garden. Lovely dog shots and I can't see anything wrong with your lawn. Dogs are wonderful creatures with unconditional love. My dog love tug of war too, but fetch he can do but he likes keepings off once he gets that ball.

    Eliza xx

    1. Hi Eliza - the lawn definitely has plenty of patches - Comets own version of a crop circle I think - I was just lucky with the photo. My pooch is flat out next to me. He gets so close that I have to make sure I look down before I roll my chair over his ears - poor thing. Have a great week x


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