Wednesday 29 August 2012

WOYWW 169 - The Long and the Short of it!

Morning WOYWW friends - my you are all up early!  I was hoping to have one of my last lie ins before school starts again but the postie had other ideas - bless him.  I had to answer the door looking very scary after having to trick our dog with a biscuit to get him out of the way of the door.  I can't believe how heavy he is and at a year old he does not always listen to 'move out of the way so I can open the door!' When his mind is full of, 'Who is it, who is it - let me lick him!'  Poor postman standing at the other side not knowing what he is in for.  Daft but rather large, vociferous and definitely over excited golden retriever pup with his definitely not looking her most glamorous owner!  Oh well the lengths you have to go to to get your hands on your Creative Expressions parcel of goodies!! More later.......

As I am up I thought I would post - I know you all don't mind the scary morning face!!  Here is my Long shot (tall probably a better description!)  I don't think I have shown this view before.  These are the shelves that hubby and I put up.  The miracle is they are still up!  I say miracle because even though we did the work to turn our garage into my craft room and what used to be hubbies office we had expert guidance on hand then.  But we are still very much novices when it comes to DIY - decorating no problem but when we had to put up shelves on this partition wall we suddenly remembered very wise words indeed - 'mark where your studs are so if you need to use them you can find them easily!!'  Oh well after a few test holes we did work it out and we must have done it fairly well as the shelves are filling up nicely as you can see and they haven't landed on my head yet - touch wood!!

Don't you just love Ikea ;-)

And the 'short 'of it is that my photo frames from last week have moved on a bit and have been shabbied up.  I put Rock Candy crackle on them and they look like they are made of old china now!  I was looking at what to put in them before I finish them off as you can see.  I think I have decided on two photos of each of my boys growing up and two shots of them together but I also think I am going to go either black and white or sepia - They may be finished and hanging by next week although as class prep is about to start I won't promise!!

.......And finally this is what the Postman bought.  Look at the lovely new papers that Creative Expressions are doing!  Loving the Kraft ones and the fact that they all are perfect for cards.  At the top of the photo are the stamps I will be designing with this week for my class in September.

Tummy rumbling now so off to get my breakfast and to feed Comet too.  Busy day ahead of clearing the decks for class prep - and finishing my Tag Tuesday Tag and of course last but definitely not least desk hopping all over the world - we should be so fit with all these leaps into the magical unknown we take!

Thank you to all my WOYWW pals who pop by.  I love reading your lovely comments as much as I love seeing what wonderful things you are up to this week........ok revise that .....almost as much as - gotta keep it honest right!! ;-)  Have a great week X


  1. well that is a lot of yummy goodies, have fun with those off to look at that link! have a great week trace x 48

  2. oops thought it was a link to another of your crafty projects ! trace x

  3. Great selection of new papers, look very yummy.
    Quick question - how do you pick which one to use first?!
    Have a good week,

  4. I just love the shot at the top of your shelves. What a fab colour. I just wish we could put shelves up as good as your can - hats off to the two of you.
    Lovely photo frames, and I can imagine them with B&W photos in - they will set the frames off well or vice versa.
    Ah ha - I espy Spellbinders - now which folder did you get?
    Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs, Neet #45 xx

  5. Thanks for the big picture, plenty to oggle, and oh boy what a nice postie, have fun playing with your new goodies.
    Thanks for your visit, Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #5

  6. Great desk, always nice to get new stash... Franesca #77

  7. Comet is an awesome name for your dog!! Especially as he sounds like he never stops whooshing around :)

    I LOVE those frames - clever you - they look amazing. I must get myself to IKEA soon. I've run out of child sized wooden hangars for my pegbags - normal size ones are too big. I know the hangars add more to the cost of making but they give a much nicer end product so I can charge a bit more!

    And it is chucking it down in Wiltshire too - so it's a sewing day for me today. No guilt cos I can't get out to do the gardening. I know the housework needs doing but....

    Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

  8. Love those frames and what you've done with them. I'm not sure crafters could survive without Ikea :-)
    A x #68

  9. gorgeous frames :)

    happy woyww Mrs.C.xx

  10. Helen, your frames are beautiful. Those lovely papers are shouting out to be used as well. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita 88 xx

  11. Very funny story about dog and postman, love the way you write. Have fun with your new papers. Frames good.
    Famfa #22

  12. Ok totally yummie supplies you have there and I am sure you put them all to good use soon. Grat job on the shelves, I am with you only a novice. You also have a great art space, it look homey.

    Eliza #36

  13. LOVE your crackled walls!!! And the frames have come on a treat too. As for the parcel from CE - oooooh, packed with goodies there:) Thanks for showing us around and for your lovely comment. Hugs, Buttons #66

  14. Your frames are just beautiful!! :)
    Mary Jo #112

  15. Hi Helen. I hope you have a safe step-stool to reach those top shelves. They look very high. I love the frames. They will be just great with photos of your boys in them.
    You have a lovely array of new papers and stamps to play with.
    Kate x #75

  16. Hey Helen, your frames are coming along nicely can't wait to see them all finished and up on the wall. Your kiddies are great too and the shelves - definitely TALL. The goodies look very inviting too. BJ#35

  17. What a fabulous work space Helen. I-spy a 'New Home Wall Hanger' the original! lol
    Your goody parcel was chocka-block full of awesomeness! Enoy :0)

  18. I love the tall view of your desk. So nice to have all those shelves nearby and so nice that they haven't fallen on your head! That's a bonus. The frames are looking great. I like the idea of the photos being in B&W or sepia. That will really set them off. Your new goodies are fabulous-I'd like to stop by and help you play with them.

  19. Great looking desk and workspace. I love those little frames...good job! WOW what a lot of loot there. I like the brocade looking papers a lot. I will have to check into those. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #67

  20. What a lovely lot of goodies - bet you have a whale of a time playing with those! Thanks for sharing so many lovely photos of your workspace.

  21. Oh Helen, your box of goodies made me giddy!! What gorgeous stuff you got! I can't wait to see all your new projects.

    The frames are coming along so beautifully. Don't forget to post pics of them all done and hanging on the wall!!!

    Happy Wednesday! Or is it Thursday where you are by now???

    Amy E. #6

  22. Your new papers and other goodies are fantastic and worth giving the postie a scare for. LOL Luckily we don't get them hammering on the door, they just drop a note in the postbox and we have to fetch from the post office. Horrible if you still have to get decent before you actually can go.
    Those photo frames are looking really great.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49

  23. Love happy crafty packages - even if you have to get up early to get them.

    Sorry so late. Busy week. Katie #158

  24. Lots of goodies in your package -- worth wrangling your dog to get at them. The snowflake dies look lovely, as well as the summer seasonal inks. I'm waiting impatiently for my own box that has those inks in it. :) ~ Laura #122


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