Wednesday 27 March 2013


Oh My Goodness is it Wednesday already?  This is a very quick one from me as I am up to my eyes in it!  Can you guess the theme???  Last night I received a frantic phone call asking if I could make something that could be given as a gift from one Gymnastic Club to another as the supplier of the original gift couldn't deliver.  So my desk is full of Frenchness and Britishness today and probably late into tonight!  I guess it will keep my mind off my audition for a while (see the sticky post above).  I am making one of my latest designs - The Pyramid Mini - and I am going to add an additional drawer so the smallest album can be signed by all the Gymnasts and coaches here and the larger album (when I make it!)  can be used to hold photos of the exchange visit.

Wish me luck though looking at my photo above the French need it right now - Look who is awaiting the chop on my guillotine right now!!! ;-)

I hope to get finished in time to do some desk hopping tonight!  If you want to see what is on other desks around the world today then please click on this link to join in the fun.

Thank you for visiting me today.

Merci de me rendre visite aujourd'hui.


  1. You are in high demand love the papers you are working with. You are a good woman coming to the rescue like that and prepared to burn the midnight oil to deliver. Best of luck, they will love what you create this is a sure thing.

    Happy Easter & WOYWW
    Eliza #8

  2. Helen: I am still rooting for you! My hubby sat down and watched your videos with me when he saw me looking so intently. Just awesome! I love that you are so kind and stepping up for the teams...Fun that the color palate for both is the same, that should help a bit I am sure! (Love your daisy box on your desk, as they are my favorite flower, always so cheerful! Have a wonderful Easter!! Winnie#78

  3. Best of luck with your project!! Happy Easter, Cindy #91

  4. What a fab project to be working on
    Happy Wednesday

  5. Hope you got it all done in time!

    A Happy Easter from a snowy Czech Republic

  6. Helen to the rescue!, I know you will do a superb job of making this gift, and I am sure it will look just brilliant. Hugs Mo x #62

  7. Off with their heads! Lol Only joking - J'aime le français et leur belle langue
    Hope you weren't up tooo late and I hope you got pictures of the finished pieces :)
    I made an Easter card for a friend and used your decorative envelope inner idea. So cute. Have a good day and a Joyous & Happy Easter time :0) Mo x


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