Thursday 27 June 2013

Tag Tuesday - Zentangle Alphabet W, X and Y

I am a bit behind with the challenge again.  Apologies for  posting 3 tags in one week.  I really can't believe it is the final week of the Alphabet next week.  Where is the time going this year?

Here is my W tag.  When I looked up the patterns associated with this letter there were 2 plus the colour of the tag 'Sea Glass' and that took me down the Water theme appropriate for W too!

The watery pattern is called WAVES, the seaweed is WIST and the fishes scales are WARPED EGGS.  I added a touch of watery shine with my glossy accents.

My X tag fell on the lovely bright blue colour SALTY OCEAN and as you can imagine there were only a few patterns beginning with the letter X.  It was the colour that made me decide to turn my patterns into tiles as the colour reminded me of Moroccan tiles.  More glossy accents to get that tile effect.  The patterns I proacticed are X (simple to write but not to draw!) and XENSO.

....and last but not least is my Y tag which is covered by one pattern, Y-FULL.  I enjoyed drawing this one.  When I flick through all my tags I find that I am drawn to the patterns that have a woven look an almost 3D quality to them.  This fab pattern was designed by the lovely Shoshi a blogging friend who is a skilled Zentangler.   This pattern was the first one she designed.   I am not sure I am quite up to designing a pattern myself yet but I will keep practicing!

I though as we are nearing the end of our Alphabet challenge that I would make a video as I caught up with my tags so if you want to see how I work then please take a look. 

When I was watching this video through I kept seeing glimpses of my sleeve and it almost appears I am wearing a Zentangle patterned blouse!

I am looking forward to seeing everyones collections of tags when we finish our Tag Tuesday Alphabet Challenge next week and I hope to have a home for mine to show you too....though the way time is behaving at the moment I am not promising!!!!

Hope you are having a fun week and that the sun is shining on you - I have my fleecy on again!

Thank you for popping by X


  1. These are all amazing Helen! I can never choose a favourite of yours; they are all, always so incredibly well done & perfectly finished off. I thoroughly enjoy looking at your work. :0) Mo x

  2. Wow, what a doodle, I like all <3


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