Wednesday 19 June 2013

Random Observations Finish Layouts!

I am sharing a link to Tammy's blog that I found today whilst doing my WOYWW hopping!  I was paying a return visit and I espied on the 'You Might Also Like' links a post entitled '5 Journalling Strategies for when you don't Feel like Writing'.  Call it fate.  If you read my previous WOYWW post you will know I was stuck, as I often am, on my journalling on a layout.

But I am no longer as you can see.  One layout finished and I really think the journalling is spot on....if I say so myself.  So if you need some journalling inspiration then follow this link to Tammy's fab blog where I am just off to say thank you.

I am also going to go through my UFO layout pile as I am sure I could get a few more layouts finished off following Tammy's fab advice.

Thanks for popping by X


  1. Ah, thanks so much for the shout out! So glad this idea worked for you. Love how it turned out! I haven't done a random layout in awhile. I totally need to do one again soon. :)

  2. Fab result - love how this turned out Helen. Gill x

  3. Love the colours Helen an the photies are really good too :0) x

  4. Such a great layout Helen! The fun way us used the various colors from the strips throughout the page subtly. Such great pics! Yep, donuts make me smile too! I enjoyed the link and left Tammy a note. I love the reminder that sometimes a sentence is enough!

    1. Glad you found the link as useful as I did Winnie. It worked for me. Just got to rummage through that UFO pile now!


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