Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Mixed Media Tutorial!

Hi everyone

Here it is finally managed to get this uploaded.  Life suddenly got a bit hectic….better ate than never!

Here is the finished piece and be warned - very messy painty hands can be achieved with this one!  Fabulous ;-)!

As I said on my previous post this piece was inspired by the art and yummy products of Finnabair!  Hope this tutorial inspires you to get creative.  Thank you for popping by X

Friday, 7 October 2016

Here's something I was working on at 4 this morning!……...

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all looking forward to a fabulous weekend.  I will be posting another tutorial shortly but I couldn't wait to share what it is I will be showing you how to make!

I can't tell you what my hands looked like at 4 this morning!  I did take a minute to peel it and wash it all off before I jumped into bed, promise!  This canvas forms part of an audition for Finnabair's Creative Team and I was inspired by some of my lovely Finnabair products and I was so please with how it was going that I couldn't stop!  I was so enthralled I didn't even realise the time!!!

As you know Finn has a wonderful way of combining unusual bits and bobs and combining them with art products to make unique and beautiful artworks and this canvas was inspired by her.  I combined metal elements with paint and beads and glitter and suddenly a magical flower blooms!

I created my own texture paste by mixing rust mica powder with transparent 3D Matte Gel for lovely sparkly texture accented with Bronze micro beads and Midnight Blue glass glitter - Yum!

 On the tutorial you will see how I used lace and pearl trims to make pretty textured borders.  I warn you this technique is not for the faint hearted nor those that don't want to get their hands dirty!!!  I am still picking off little bits of brown paint ;-)

As you can see I had a wonderful time and I picked a word that sums up this piece to finish the canvas.

So keep an eye out for the tutorial and keep your fingers crossed for me.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you for popping by X

Sunday, 4 September 2016

12 Journals of 2016 - March

Hi everyone

I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer.  I have been busy and seem to have taken a little time off blogging and making videos but don't worry I have still been getting my fix of creativity!  So before I get to this:

Just thought I would share what I have been up to as it has been very creative but in a different way!  I have been helping Mum!  I have been getting all painty and decoraty!  It has been fun spending Mum's money ;-)  Here is her bedroom all finished and looking lovely (if I do say so myself!!!!)  We are now working on her Lounge so I will share that with you when it is all looking gorgeous again.

I have also been up-cycling and have a new chair in my bedroom.  Here are the before and after shots:

Remember this one?

Well it now has a matching bedside table!

I loved doing this look and they look fab in Callum's room and help keep it tidy to…..ok well that may be a step to far for now ;-)

I have long been meaning to cover this Ikea sofa……..

……and then inspired by the most perfect fabrics I did this and I have to say even to an amateur like me it was easy peasy and I would recommend it to anyone as the sofa easily comes apart to make covering simple.

 I have to say that this will probably be the only time it looks like this as it is mostly used as a cupboard!!!

We also had another trip to the hospital with Callum's knee and he had it stretched which I know sounds painful and it was but thankfully he got to sleep through it.  Here he is all recovered and attached to a knee bending machine.

He has definitely been through it this year but he is doing well and is back in the Gym …….not quite up to tumbling yet but every day sees him getting closer.  Fingers crossed and thank goodness for the talented surgeon and staff of the NHS!

So that was my summer with a few lovely days in the garden of course so now it is back to sharing the creativity and this one is a catch up page in my 12 Journals of 2016 series all pages inspired by Tim Holz's 12 Tags of 2016.

This was Tim's tag where he mixed two of his previous techniques to achieve this new look and this was the page it inspired:

As you can see it is a little more feminine than Tim's but the techniques are there only my version of them as you will see in this video:

I wish you all a Happy Sunday and hope you are finding time to create.  I am hoping to get another page caught up as I am a bit behind this year…..well ok a lot behind lol!

Thank you for popping by X

Friday, 22 July 2016

Fishy Card Tutorial using Alcohol Inks and News of Giveaways!

Hi Everyone

Today I am sharing a tutorial that shows you different ways of using alcohol inks to create backgrounds for your stamping.  This quick and easy card features the Something Fishy stamp set from Rubber Dance.

I will guide you through the techniques and pretty soon you will have a card like mine that looks fab inside and out…..if I may say so myself ;-)

Here is the tutorial:

…….and here is the Giveaway News.  I am having my first ever Giveaway on YouTube (so excited) and the prize is this lovely set of stamps donated by the fabulous Bibi who is the owner of the Norwegian based Rubber Dance stamp company.  Many of you know I have been active on the Design Team for some time and have recently joined with Bibi to bring you Stamps and online tutorials all in one creative bundle!

So if you want to have the chance of winning these stamps all you have to do is pop over to my channel on YouTube, subscribe if you don't already and then leave me a comment to say you want to join in.  If you want to go into the draw twice then just share the tutorial and make sure to tell me in your comment that you have done so.  The Giveaway runs from 22 July - 05 August 2016.

But that is not all……. Follow this link to your second chance to win these fabulously fishy stamps.

……….and this link for chance number three!  How cool is that?!!! (this will go live a little later today!)

Last but definitely not least if you want to purchase our first stamp and tutorial bundle featuring the Mushroom stamp set from Rubber Dance then please follow this link and head over to my ETSY shop to check out the offer.  Here is just a few of the many things you could be making very soon!

Good luck in the many Giveaways and see you here very soon with a stamp and online tutorial bundle featuring the Frosty Friends Stamp set.

Thank you for popping by X

Monday, 18 July 2016

Mixed Media Flower Card Tutorial

Hi Everyone

This tutorial is all about how easy it is to create interesting mixed media background papers that you can then go on to use in your projects.  I show you how and then how to turn that into a pretty flower card.

I have used my paper as a background paper and then I have revealed the design by cutting a stencil design into the white card.  I finished off with some punched flowers and voila!!

I really hope you enjoy the tutorial and have lots of fun creating your background papers in a myriad of colours!

The weather has finally turned a little warmer here so I am off out to have tea in the garden - a fabulous end to the weekend.  Hope you have all had a wonderful time too.

Thank you for popping by X

PS A Stamp Giveaway coming very soon so watch this space!!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

12 Journals of 2016 - June

Hi Everyone

Here is June's Journal page inspired by Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2016 and his June Tag in which he combines two techniques from previous tags for a completely new look.  This really is a fun challenge to play along with.  New things to try or old techniques to rediscover and tons of inspiration so click on this link if you want to play along too.

As you may know I have been playing along with this challenge for some years now and I have decided to make journal pages rather than tags this year.

Each page also comes with a matching tag as you can see here.  I haven't decided what to journal about yet and as I am having printer troubles I will share the finished tag with you later.

In the video you will see how I used the two techniques Tim used on his tag as the inspiration for my journal page.  Hope you find something to inspire you to get creative.

If you are new to my blog…….Welcome……….There is a ton of creativity in my archives so please feel free to explore and of course if you like what you see then please subscribe and be sure that you get to hear next time I post.

See you soon with some more creativity.  Thank you for popping by X

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

12 Journals of 2016 - May

Hi Everyone

I am catching up with my 12 Journals of 2016 this month and probably next!  I am a bit behind again - I don't know where my time disappears to sometimes.  Keeping this post short as I am off to edit June's Page which is all filmed!

I am playing along with Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2016 only I am making journal pages instead.  The principal is the same I will take his inspiration and give it my own interpretation and will film the journey for you.

I love how this one turned out…..in the end!  This was one of those pages that took a while to find its direction as you will see in the video.  But when it got there I liked the story it told and I know fellow Art Journalers will appreciate the use of Gesso and a black pen which so often come to my rescue!!!!

As usual I am creating a tag for each month but I am out of ink at the moment so I haven't been able to add my journalling and photo just yet - I will bring that to you in another video once my printer is up and running again!

If you are wondering about those gorgeous stamped images I have use Antique Botanicals by Rubber Dance.  I particularly love this flower and have used it over and over.  Click on the link if you want to see more of this lovely collection of stamps.

Without further ado here is the tutorial which takes you from Tim's inspiration to my interpretation.

Thank you for popping by x
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