Monday 23 April 2012

Scrap History

No TV for a couple of days as the puppy has chewed through the satellite cable!  So this morning instead of sitting in my PJs having a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV I am dressed and getting busy!

Just putting a few layouts away in my craft room and I started to flick through my albums and spotted some layouts from when I  first started scrapping about...I think 4 or 5 years ago.  Now I really wish that I had written on the back of my first ever layout as I can't be sure which one it is.

In those early days I went to a local hobby shop to find something for card making and I was chatting to Rachel (of Hobby Horse Crafts) trying to find out more about the scrapbook layouts she had in her shop and that is where it all began.  I booked in to my first crop and I go there still.  As you can see from the layout above I didn't have the array of embellishments I have since lovingly collected so I made some of my own!  I also didn't like to spoil my layouts by writing on them!!  All of my early layouts have the journalling printed out from the computer.


I remember that I used to go to the shop with a collection of photos in hand and stand for ages in front of the bazil rack picking just the right shades of paper to go with my photos!  More handmade ski embellishments and printed journalling on this layout and the title was way before the purchase of my Cricut or its invention come to that!   I remember learning to print out the title on the computer in outline mode and to flip it horizontally.  I then spent many hours cutting the letters out by hand...That is the kind of detail that future readers of our scrap books will miss out on.  The how did we do that.......?

This is a recent layout which I think shows my confidence with patterns and colour has grown as has my stash and I have hand written journalling too!  Oh and a Cricut title - so much quicker.  

I have always liked to make interactive layouts and this one has a tag in a pocket and a flap for extra photos (a technique picked from my pals at the crop I go to as I remember).

These pictures are of my husband and I when we first started courting.  I was just a baby at 18 - I can't believe that these were taken 32 years ago!  

Yes I think I definitely am going to write notes on the back of my layouts in future.  I think the love and care we all put into recording our memories for the future are evident in out layouts to anyone that looks at them but I think people will be interested in finding out about the scrapbooking skills, tools and materials we use too.    A little history of scrapbooking trends.

I can hear Comet calling to come in so I think I might go and give him a pat for getting me up and doing so early today!!  I better do it now before the bill from the man coming round to fix it today :-)  Thanks for popping in and hope you have a great day XXX

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