Sunday 15 April 2012


I was wondering what to blog about today.  Sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike I saw a project I made many moons ago at the crop I go to.  Actually the crop and the lovely ladies that go there are the ones who really got me hooked on all things paper crafting.  The first time I went I had only ever made a few cards and was looking forward to seeing what scrapbooking was all about.  I went armed with a few tools and some photos and carefully chosen papers and the rest is history!

So if you are reading this.... and you know who you are.... it is your stash that led to my stash!!

Talking of stash one of the things I made at the crop in those early days from my quickly expanding papers and trimmings was a scrap bin.  I think I would call it my first ever altered item.  We were all having fun making them from Danielle's old baby milk tins!  Mine wasn't used for rubbish for very long before it became the receptacle for all the tiny scraps of ribbon I just couldn't throw away...

I thought I would blog about it and one thing led to another.  I suddenly realised when I was tidying away further bits of ribbon that I had collected that I very very rarely do anything other than put stuff in my pretty tub and so I get to the subject of my blog entry today....I got there in the end.  Today I am going to USE IT UP!

Tub opened and just take a look at what I found inside.  I had forgotten about some of the 'not ribbon' scraps I had stashed inside.

I had an idea as I looked at the tangle of pretty ribbon scraps and I decided to make a rainbow!  Well one a bit neater than the pile you see before you.

So here are the ribbons I sorted out in the colours of the rainbow.  I confess I had to make a couple of bits the right colours but I did so by colouring lighter scraps with my Pro markers.  (No new ribbon was cut in the making of this project!!)

I made a white DL card using quite thick card as I wanted it to be able to support the ribbon rainbow I intended to make.  I made the rainbow by cutting two half inch wide strips of card and sticking them together with DST and then I tied scarps of ribbon around it reciting  Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain in my head as I knotted and trimmed!  Then I looked for a suitable quote on the internet - thanks to Dolly Parton and here is the end result.  

So now I am sat here feeling pleased with myself I have a blog entry about something I know you will relate to as you save a bit of this and a bit of that incase it comes in useful.  Then, if you are anything like me, you forget to look at the scraps in favour of making more scraps!  So I am going to see if I can think of something else to do with some more of the bits of ribbon before I put on the lid of my ribbon scrap tub and put it neatly on my shelf once more! 

Thanks for popping by.  If you have any ideas for me to USE IT UP then please let me know I'd love to make room for more pretties!


  1. That's a great quote, you can't beat a bit of dolly parton!! I love the card, what a great way to use up the smaller bits of ribbon you have left over x

  2. What a great idea - I LOVE rainbows :0)


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