Monday 2 April 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is Hanger Tutorial

Inspiration is a funny thing.  This plaques inspiration was a card I designed so I could take part in a Grungy Monday challenge and this plaque will no doubt lead to another crafting project.  Inspiration is infinite...... thank goodness!

I think I might have to make myself one now!
I have put up a tutorial if you want to have a go at making my hanger.  It is a great way to use up a tiny bit of your scrap paper.  

Is that what the term scrap heap was invented for?  I certainly have a pile of carefully sorted paper bits that I just couldn't throw away that could definitely be termed heap!  The trouble is it seems easier to add to it than actually use it. I wonder if there is a crafter out there who controls their scrap heap to a manageable level?!  I would love to hear your tips for what to do to shrink the heap quicker than it grows!

The weather has gone chilly today so I have the perfect excuse to put the kettle on and settle down to some crafting fun.  I am going to start my second set of tags for Laura's swap as I need to get them in the post although Tim Holtz has put up his April Tag to inspire so I am torn.  I'll just have to sit here rake out my scrap heap and see where inspiration leads me today.  

Thanks for popping by.  I hope I inspired you to get creative too!  You know you want to........

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