Monday 16 September 2013

Callum's Room Update.

Just a quick post before tea!  Thank goodness the painting is all but finished!!! The carpet is laid and the wall paper is up.  Callum is really pleased with how things are taking shape.

I used my Cricut to cut out the words for my mural in vinyl and it worked a treat!  My next job is to paint the sofa!  I am going to use Distress Paints and the plan is the Callum will help and the sofa will become a colourful statement piece!  A little Interior Design terminology ;-)

Here is a close up of the new home for Callum's Guitar and if you look closely at the edge of the wall paper you will see I have used TH Tissue Tape to edge the Photo Mural  It worked perfectly and it covered up an untidy edge where I didn't quite get to grips with the craft knife I used to trim along the skirting board and coving.

Hubbies next job is to create the shelving in the alcove above the guitar and above the bed.  We are now saving up for a 3/4 bed so Callum has room to spread out a bit!!  I noticed Callum put his shoes and his uniform away in his wardrobe when he came in .....Result!!!!

I had a bit of a result too today.  For a while now you may have heard me talk about researching a camera rig that would allow me to film tutorials from my view point.  I think it was a case of 'can't see the wood for the trees'.  I was so focused on the rig that I didn't think to look to see if imovie could flip my video.  Thanks to my pal Helen and a link to a very quick tutorial I now have the power!!!  No extra expense and one extra click per film clip.  So if you are reading this Helen I will tape my next Art Journal video the right way up and dedicate it to you!!!!

One final thing I thought you might like to see..... Here is a layout that I made sometime ago to celebrate beauty shining through in the face of adversity.

Here is a close up of the sunflower growing out of the old brick work....Amazing!

Now look what grew out of my strawberry tower this year!

No Strawberries as you can see!!!!  The ferns and the Sunflower just appeared!

Please excuse the junk in the background of the photo - we are getting ready for a car boot sale!  Concentrate instead on the lovely sunflower that magically appeared this year.  I am glad it is a miniature on rather than  a giant one!  You can see the windows of my craft room too in this photo.  Unfortunately I can't see the sunflower just the roof of the carport when I am sat at my desk :-(

That's it from me today except to say look out tomorrow for a free You Tube tutorial to show you how to make a wire beaded heart that makes a great home decor item or thoughtful gift......and of course it is filmed using my new improved camera angle!!!!

See you tomorrow and thank you for popping by X

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  1. Wow, his room turned out fab! I love the NYC theme, and as a New Yorker, I really loved the photos you used for your mural. Glad it is inspiring him to put his things away, what a benefit for you! Great use of the TH tissue tape!! How fun!

  2. A busy life day yesterday put paid to any blog surfing, so I see I have got two to catch up with from you today, (yippee), but I will probably watch the new tut later on. Tease myself, hehe.
    What a fabulos room your young man has got. Amazing what can be achieved when one has talented parents. Big thumbs up for the uniform being put away too! Yahoo!
    Hope it's not getting too chilly down with you; Autumn has arrived quickly & sharply up here. Brrr. need to craft more quickly to warm up, haha :o)) xx


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