Wednesday 11 September 2013


Busy day ahead for me final prepping for class today.  Yesterday afternoon was spent designing two cards and this is the aftermath minus the paper debris!  I did tidy up a bit yesterday.

Some times a card takes a while and this not very traditional Christmas card did take a while to come together.  I had an idea in my head but I struggled with it for a time.  I loved using Distress Glitter on it.  It was perfect.  A sugary coating rather than bling.  Great for the non traditional look I was going for.

Then I had to design something that didn't take as long for the second card and it came together quick as a flash - sometimes it is like that.  So as you can see I am easing my class and myself gently into Christmas!!!

At the end of the desk you can see my New Theresa Collins Christmas Cottage Papers.  The are fab and I am looking forward to running a Christmas Workshop with them!!!!!

Can you see my growing collection of Distress paints peeking out from behind the Chinese Chinese left only glue and glitter now!!!

Here is a close up of the Christmas Card - love the sugary finish that the Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter adds to the card!....Hope you can see it a bit on the photo.

And this is the quick card design.  Perfect for any colour combination of card stock.  I am in love with book pages at the minute.  I bought a lovely pile of old books when we went out on a day trip recently.  Seemed rude not to get some use out of them really!!!

If you have enjoyed this peek at my desk this morning then I suggest you follow this link and pop along to see what Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday is all about - You will love it!  Happy WOYWW to you and thank you for popping by X


  1. Oh, such beautiful Cards!! Happy WOYWW, Evelyn# 66

  2. LOVE the orange Christmas card!
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Can't beat a book page..lovely cards. Not familiar with teh distress stickles (on purpose!) but like the finish on the joy card very uch. It may be unconventioal, but it is a fab change.

  4. We love both cards but the cHristmas card idea is great. We really like easel style cards.

    The house of bears @#82

  5. Fabulous cards Helen. I really like the use of the book pages & it is so nice to see orange used on a christmas card. I like the background on the floral card and the flowers are so pretty :D xx

  6. Lovely cards and I especially like the Crimbo one :-D

    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  7. Oh Helen, I love the cards. So pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with the Theresa Collins Christmas Cottage Papers. I am working on some Halloween cards but look forward to Christmas cards!

    Have a blessed day!
    Belinda (37)

  8. Happy WOYWW! great cards!!!
    -Tera #3

  9. Fabulous card. I like the easel design. Happy crafting #5

  10. Beautiful cards, Helen. I like the idea of non-trad colours for Christmas cards - they stand out from the masses one gets each year if they are something a bit different.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I can't believe it's under a week till we move, but there's still a huuuuge amount to do... Have to press on and hope for the best lol!! You are right, though - I am super-excited now. As for the door plates, I'm looking forward to having a go. Following Andy Skinner's online course (although not actually able to DO it at the moment lol!) has given me ideas for getting the right vintage metal look.


  11. How great are your cards. I love the non traditional colors and look for Christmas! I have distress glitter envy as I may have picked up the stencils, but alas, no distress glitter yet. That will be next time I hope. Love the look of it! Thanks for the kind visit today! Winnie#79

  12. Thank you for visiting already
    Nice to see something a little different for the festive season
    Jackie 39

  13. Like the stand up card :) Lx

  14. I would never have thought of an orange Christmas card but I like it! and the floral card is so pretty. :)

  15. Those are beautiful cards!!! I am amazed that you posted the day of teaching a class. You must be very calm and organized. If I was teaching a class today I would be running around like crazy! Happy WOYWW! Rasz #125

  16. Hi Helen!

    Love the Orange card!

    Thank you for the visit!

    Hugs, Robin #51

  17. Such pretty cards, love the design of the first one and the book page background of the second! Happy WOYWW from Annette #2

  18. Beautiful cards, Helen! I'm so glad you linked your blog up to the Moxie Fab World Blogroll. It will be great to stop by and say "hello" from time to time! :)

  19. I love your easel card design, Helen. I've been wanting to try one, but haven't' ventured to do it yet. Blessings!

  20. Great cards! Thanks for your visit and happy woyww Liz


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