Wednesday 4 June 2014

WOYWW 261 - The first step to the next Anniversary!

Hello fellow WOYWW folk and anyone else happening this way.  Hold on to your hats for a very scary ride.  Those of you with neatness tendencies my find the following photos offensive! Tee Hee

This one is not too bad.  This is my photo desk being used as a dumping ground!  On the floor is the hood of our broken extractor fan…..that is hubbies' mess!….anyone would think this used to be his office ;-)

Quick tidy up and I can now use the desk for photo shoots!  I have hung two of my canvases as I don't want to ruin them.  You can see that I don't really have a view out of my windows as my craft room/s used to be a garage and it looks out under the car port.

Again not too bad just a few bits and pieces resting a while where they don't belong!

I have a couple of baskets of cards I am going to donate to a worthy cause……..oh and that pile of filing…'s my pesky hubbies again!

Brace yourself this is a more scary shot!  I have been working on a layout and have gotten a bit stuck with where to take it next……..Mind you I can't sit down now to finish it off as the chair has stash being stored on it!

All neat and tidy again and ready to work on finishing this off - I had better get on with it as I have a canvas brewing in my head and a June tag to make and a final video for my next workshop too.  Mmmm I think I may be tidying again very soon.

Now those with an OCD disposition brace yourselves!

Once craft area tidy…….one more to go ha ha.  But I am all tidied out and need some WOYWW time. If you have no idea what that is then please follow the link to a wonderful blog.

Now for news on the anniversary swap.  My ATCs are arriving yippee!!!!!  So far I have had 3 pretty ones from the lovely Hettie, Jill and Annie.  I am checking the post every day in anticipation.  I am wondering how long the ones flying in from the USA and Australia are going to take?  Mine were a little late setting off as you know.  I am going to do a separate post about how I created my ATCs as I don't want to spoil it for my other swap partners with a full reveal.  I will link it in next week's post.

If you want to see how my pond is getting on check out the previous post.  I can't add any more photos to this entry ;-)  I am off to see what is going on this week and to check out some more wonderful ATC art.

Oh almost forgot.  I mis calculated how many folk I agreed to swap with and I have two ATCs left to swap if anyone still wants to just let me know on the comments.

Have a wonderful WOYWW and thank you for popping by X

PS if anyone is having trouble with my photos opening will you let me know - thanks x


  1. OH, I would love to swap! I love your mess! It shows you are creating! I pile stuff on every surface, even the floor sometimes gets so full I can't walk over to a drawer without stepping on something! LOL

  2. In fact, Helen, your lovely envelope arrived this morning with all its goodies in. I have one or two more that arrived after I had posted so I will put them up next week. Thank you so much. Yours is sitting front of me too, waiting for me to brave the rain and get to the post. Hope you have a lovely week. xx Maggie

    1. PS For some reason, only two of your photos will open. xx Maggie

  3. What a productive space you have. Not messy - productive ;) And I think it's wonderful :-D
    Thank you VERY much Helen for the very lovely surprise I got today. The ATC is GORgeous, the poem, fabulous and all the bits and pieces just wonderful. You are so kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart **hugs**
    The ones you have received so far are fabulous, I especially like the lady. Do you think it's a stamp? And it's in a wee envelope too. Cool.
    I could see all your photos, btw
    Love n hugs, Mo :o) xox

  4. Hi again Helen,

    You have been busy straightening things up and being productive, I really like those little drawers on the desk but over to your right against the cupboard, what do you keep in them? yep I am being nosey. LOL

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    No linky Julia took him on a siesta and I have just woken from working all night. LOL must go and check now before emails.

  5. Ahhh I am No 48

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  6. When I see a desk with stuff on it, I see a fun desk! Yours produces some of the nicest work I see. I am new to canvas work and love yours! Winnie

  7. It looks like you've had a busy week. Love the ATCs!

  8. Hi Helen - your room looks great to me. You can't be crafty and tidy at the same time. Have a great week, Chris

  9. Hi Helen, it all looks good to me, "a messy desk is a happy desk". If you are crafting properly there is no way you can be tidy, at least not for long lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  10. Looks awesome to me. I am trying to get my room together but have things scattered between two rooms and probably will for another month or so! UGH! I haven't been able to post on Wednesdays for a while and I have missed it! Sorry I am so late getting around! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

  11. Hi Helen, and thanks so much for responding to my email so quickly - your lovely comment appeared in my "awaiting moderation" list not only once, but 4 times!! We seem to be going from the sublime to the ridiculous, don't we! I have managed to get Google Chrome running, and comments are starting to appear, and I can also leave comments on blogs, but Firefox continues to play silly******s with me... this has happened before and I haven't a clue what's going on or how to put it right, but fortunately Chrome works OK so I shall stick with that for a while.

    Thank you for such a nice comment - you are very kind! I am glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts generated by Jennibellie's wonderful video. I think this is a very common problem which maybe people don't realise is affecting them, and it's good to spread the good news if it helps people become the truly creative people they are!

    Thank you also for your good wishes for our holiday - let's hope the forecast is right, and that we are set for some better weather next week. Rain on holiday is a major pain!

    Shoshi x

  12. No offense taken here. Your box projects, and canvas artworks are stunning. I have a serious drool problem when I see those printers trays full of goodies. Keep smiling and creating

  13. what a beautfiul art space you have.


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