Sunday 14 April 2013

Card Candi Video Tutorial

Hope you have all had a fab weekend.  It is back to the normal school day routine for us tomorrow now the Easter break is over.  I am planning on putting my earlier mornings to good use and get my self exercising again.....I'll let you know if I manage it ;-)

I made a video tutorial to share today.  I originally came up with this method of using Card Candi when my Hubby decided he didn't want a card with 50 on it!  I used different shades of gold Card Candi and so the 50 was still there but subtle!!!!!

It is an easy technique but it requires neatness and accuracy to look it's best.

Here is a close up of all those pretty Card Candi dots.  It really reminds me of many happy hours I spent as a child making patterns with coloured pegs in a white peg board.  Do you remember those?  Almost as good as an Etch a Sketch!

Here's the video link.   I just know you could make all sorts of designs using this technique.  What about a heart for Valentines day or a Rainbow or a smiley face........I think I might try that one!

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Just fab! I have never tried the card candy, I will have to look into them. They look so cool. I am fascinated by the glue you are using. I have never seen a tool like that, and it looks so easy to put fine dots of glue on a project. Very neat!

    1. Hi Winnie - The glue is a silicone glue, Pinflair Glue Gel and comes in a large tube that I have decanted into a syringe. It is great for decoupage type work but it does take a while to dry. You have to remember to leave a little dot of the glue out of the tip of the syringe when it it not in use so it forms a natural seal and then just pull that out of the tip of the Syringe and you are ready to use the glue again. Glad you liked the video x

  2. Brilliant idea and a great video

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie glad you liked it x


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