Thursday 10 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone - this is my first post of the year so I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big and heartfelt thank you to everyone that has signed up to follow my blog, to everyone who has ever commented on my blog and to anyone that has just popped by!!!!  I am so glad I decided to try this blogging malarky as I have found the blogging community very supportive and kind and I wanted to let you know that you have spurred me on to achieving a my goals last year and to set new goals to achieve this year.

I initially set up this blog to document my journey towards starting my own crafting online business.  Little did I know how addictive Blogging could be and I would add particularly in the craft blogging world.  I have loved chatting, sharing inspiration, getting inspiration and taking part in two fab tag challenges this year and am looking forward to more of the same whilst documenting how I plan to grow my new business - still very much a seed!  Will I make it to sapling this year ;-)

On the sharing note I thought you might find this interesting if not a little funny!!!!  My hubby and I have had many a discussion on what taste and flair is (particularly where his clothes are concerned!! bless.....)  Last year I rejigged my Christmas Decorations to match my newly decorated front room.  I redecorated garlands and wreaths with silver, green and turquoise glittery bits and bought a few pretty glass ornaments for my new tree and made lots more baubles myself.  I had a lot of glittery fun along the way.

This year my hubby decided that the white lights on the tree were quite cold looking (I kind of agreed with him although they did look frosty which was appropriate for the time of year!).  I did not like the idea of blue or green lights and that was when a strange idea popped into my head.  What if I coloured the white lights myself?????????

.....and so I did!

It worked a treat as you can see from this photo of one of the baubles I made last year.  The white lights took on a pastel colour which was enough to warm the overall frosty white (happy hubby and inky me!)  I couldn't get a good photo of the entire effect so here are a couple of photos of some of the baubles I made with the lights showing.  The first photo is a polystyrene bauble covered in PVA and dipped in glitter and then wrapped with pretty cotton ribbons held in place with sequin and beaded pins and the Second is of a paper bauble made with 6 card circles and decorated with die cut snowflakes and pearl brads.

Another glitter dipped bauble wrapped with pretty ribbon - how easy are these and very economical too.  I think that you can tell from the photos that the lights are in various blue and green shades with the odd hint of cranberry for contrast.

Last but not least is a bauble I made a video tutorial for which is made by covering another polystyrene ball with paper punches held in place with beaded pins.  Follow this link if you want to see how it is made.

Finally I would like to share a poem I wrote about how I feel about my Christmas tree (now trees!!)

I should have a fairy, 
Sitting on my Christmas Tree.
Passed down through generations of our family.
Her dress, once white, is grey now,
Her wings have lost their gleam.
A matchstick with a sticky star,
Is where her wand had been.

I should have baubles from past decades,
That once were Mum's and Dad's,
I remember glitter sleigh bells,
And the twinkle they once had.
Where are the foil wrapped chocolate treats?
They're not hanging on my tree!
No snowman, present, Santa Claus,
Or wise men one, two three.

Where are the child made ornaments
My sons bought home from school?
Small hands made a clay robin,
And a stocking with glued on jewels.
Not on my Christmas tree for sure!
It's branches are strung with pearls,
Precision place glass baubles,
With jewel encrusted swirls.

It takes hours to place the fairy lights,
To create an even glow,
And colour coded baubles,
That reflect the light just so.
And if I won the lottery,
I would tell you honestly,
I'd buy the finest baubles,
To decorate our tree!
In the latest fashion colours,
Of teals and browns this season,
A fashion victim Christmas tree,
And I wouldn't need a reason.

Now you might think, 'she's lost the plot!'
So listen to what I say.
I celebrate tradition,
But in a different way.
I'll keep my parents baubles,
All safe in cushioned splendour.
I'll tell my sons of Christmases,
That they make me remember.
I'll treasure those child-made ornaments,
Until I'm old and grey,
And pass them to my Grandchildren'
Some far off Christmas Day.

So my tree can look just perfect,
A vision of Christmas splendour,
A seasonal gift from me,
That my sons will long remember!
                                          by Helen Allen

I know Christmas is over but as I put away that last decoration that always gets missed (hiding in plain sight on the windowsill!!!!) I wanted to share this post with you.

Once again may I wish you all Happiness and Health in this New Year and of course a little wealth too!!!!


Helen x


  1. Well Happy New Year to you Helen!! I hope it brings you good health, love & happiness and lots of crafty time.
    Your baubles are very pretty no doubt, but your poem is beautiful!! You're a lady of many wonderful talents :0) Mo xx

    1. Thank you Mo. Wishing you lots of lovely crafty time too! I seem to be struggling to get that at the moment ;-) Hugs Helen x


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