Tuesday 26 March 2013

Tag Tuesday - Letter L

I am so glad I have a yellow tag for my Tag Tuesday submission today - Surely the warm weather will arrive with us soon!  The yellow on the tag is Mustard Seed (Distress Ink) and it works a treat with the black and white Zentangles!

Only two Zentangle patterns this week but it took quite a while to do the background one LOOPLOPP.  It made my slightly cross eyed by the time I finished the whole tag!  The other pattern in the half circles is LOAV IT........... much easier!

I am video editing this week as I have a tutorial I want to share as a giveaway on my blog and other than that I have lots of admin and tidying to do!  At least that means I can stay in warm and cozy today.  The sun is shining today so the snow is melting but we have more bad weather forecast.  At this rate my daffodils are going to bloom in the snow - That would make a nice photo don't you think?  Every cloud!!

So if your reading this in the sunshine somewhere waft a little in the direction of the UK I think we have had enough of Winter now!!

Thanks for popping by X


  1. We had snow here yesterday in NYC, just heavy flurries and then cold rains. I see SUN today and your sunny tag made me smile. I have never tried Zentangle and look forward to your video! It looks so cool! Enjoy your sunshine. I understand we are having sun for the weekend and Easter!

  2. Lovely & cheery daffodil yellow tag Helen. I do like that Loav It pattern. It's like a fan isn't it. I'm off to do a tangle style tag this week. Ta-ta :0) Mo x


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