Tuesday 18 September 2012

Tag Tuesday - Owls

Hi everyone on a lovely and bright Tuesday Morning.......It's Tuesday and I have a tag ready to post on time!!!!  At last I seem to have caught up with my Tag schedule ....touch wood.  I even have a design for next week ....how organised do I feel right now ;-)  Unfortunately I can't claim to be as organised in the dreaded housework area of my responsibilities - but I'm not gonna let that bother me too much.  I made banana muffins yesterday and I did some ironing first thing so I am fitting some housework in-between the crafting...gotta get my priorities right.  Not sure if the dust fairy would agree with me though! :-D

So on with the owl themed tag.  I was surfing the net looking at images of owls for inspiration and I found this fab image and knew I just had to decoupage it and make him fly from my tag.

I printed several copies out and cut my tag shape from one print and then I distress crackled the background area of the tag.

Next I embossed the edges of my tag with silver embossing powder and when I had built up a nice layer I added glass glitter and frontage flakes to the molten powder and I got this fab frosty and textured look which I know I am going to play with again.  Then it was on with the snipping to make my fabulous flying owl look more realistic.  I think I have RSI now from all that teeny tiny snipping of paper!  You can see on this photo how I chop up my image to allow me to create greater depth.

On and on went the snipping .....and on and on .......until I had an owl escaping from my tag ready to fly free.  I added a black frame to my tag and the quote seemed fabulously appropriate since I love Winnie the Pooh and this quote even mentions TUESDAY!!!!

Here is a bit of a closer shot so you can see a bit more detail (I hope!!)  Pretty green and silver fibres and some wired crystals to continue the frosty theme and a silver owl charm finishes my owl tag.  Oh almost forgot three tiny dots of glossy accents on my owls eyes and beak and definitely finished!  See how the sun is shining through my window - what a nice change that makes.

Big hugs to everyone that pops by and if you love owls or/and tags then follow this link to Tag Tuesday for more owl inspiration.  It will be a hoot!  (sorry couldn't resist)  Why not join in the fun?

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  1. Wow. What a fantastic tag. I don't often do tags. I simply can't start collecting anything else as I have no storage left, and displaying them is not an option as the sun soon ruins anything on the walls. But if I was swapping tags, this is definitely the one I would like to get! I love owls too. Kate x


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