Tuesday 11 September 2012

A Bit Wibbly Wobbly!

Here is card number 2 made using my mini sewing machine that I finished two nights ago.  I wanted to take the photo in daylight and I forgot until today!  I tried my hand at sewing a straight line with my little sewing machine this time and it is a little hit and miss.  It is ok but I think I will stick with the deliberately wobbly wobbly look from now on!

I even sewed the strip of ribbon on with my little sewing machine.  I had to guide it through a bit but it seems to have worked.  I have been looking at some awful reviews on this machine of mine on the internet as a friend asked me where I got it and it was so long ago I thought I would look to see if they still make it!

I was saying to her that from the look of the reviews I found on line I have the magic one that works for a change rather than the only one that doesn't!!  Yipee - Mind you I am going to try changing the thread next so it could all go terribly wrong.

I have decided not to add a greeting to this card yet so I can personalise it when I have the occasion to send it.

I have a layout still to share but I want to get the journaling finished first so to quote someone I definitely don't think crafts at all 'I'll be back!'

Just terminating my post now then!!  ;-D couldn't stop myself tee hee!


  1. Haha - 'Helen the Terminator' you sewed that joke up good n proper, hehe.
    I love the colours and layout on this card and the buttons are a fine finishing touch :0)

  2. Looks like you have mastered the machine. I even dusted my little machine and intend to try it again after seeing how well you have done.

    Great card

    Love Chrissie xx


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