Tuesday 6 March 2012

My Website - Update

I thought I would tell you a bit about my website today and where it is up to at the moment.

When I had my 'light bulb moment ' and at last realised what it was I want to do for a living and came up with the idea for my business, the first major job to tackle was to get a website built.  I spent quite some time trawling the internet trying to find a company to work with.  I read a lot of articles as I wanted to be as clued up as I could be.  I spent many hours reading and eating a fair bit of chocolate along the way... only for stamina you understand!!!

I finally made my choices based on my website designers own website design, personalities and of course last but definitely not least, as I am on a tight budget, cost.  I really appreciated that my business idea excited and interested my eventual choice of web design team.

I am working with a company called Petrol.  I thought their website really stood out in a crowd and I felt their unique style of web design was also reflected in their portfolio.  It has been great to work with Peter (the designer) and I am so pleased that he has managed to get his head around the world of paper crafting (al completely new to him) and I think that this understanding, mixed with his own style, has resulted in a really great looking website.

I wish I was ready to show everyone now!  This starting a business journey is like waiting to unwrap a present that has been sitting under the Christmas Tree for weeks just tempting you to look for a few clues, have a little shake of the box to see if you can guess what is in there!

On Monday I worked with Glen (the technical guy) to get things in place to finish the site off.  So it is nearly there and then it is over to me to put all the content on the site (another big learning curve ahead).  

I am wondering if I should show you a little bit of my website hmmmmmm!

What a teaser!  This lovely butterfly actually flutters.  How cute is that?!
Watch this space.  Christmas is a fair bit off yet but I know it is coming!   I am keeping my fingers crossed that you all like what I eventually unwrap!!  Hope you pop in again soon.  Helen

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