Sunday 1 June 2014

Tag Storage visits Scrapbook Magic in Cornwall!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  We have a bit of sunshine here today.  Just popping in as the sun goes behind a few clouds to share a post with you.  A little while ago Margaret of Scrapbook Magic in Cornwall taught a couple of classes featuring my Tag Storage Project.

I thought you might like to see how they got on.

I really wish I could have joined them.  Margaret has a wonderful craft shop with gorgeous views out of her windows and a Chocolate Factory on the doorstep!  I know her students spend a wonderful day with lunch included and they have all achieved a wonderful result.

Loving all those Graphic 45 Paper combinations.  Margaret taught a series of technique classes creating a whole heap of pretty tags that needed a home and this was the perfect project to finish on.  Now those tags have a pretty home where they will be a constant source of inspiration for future projects.

Here is the link to Scrapbook Magic incase you are lucky enough to live in the area.  Pop along and check out what is happening!

If you are not in the area and want to make this project then why not craft with me in the comfort of your own craft room click on this link and you will find all you need in the Tag Storage Project online course.  Full step by step tuition is given broken down into 5 videos and comprehensive photo/written instructions too.

I bet is lovely down in Cornwall today.  I am off out into the garden as a bacon sandwich is calling me but before I go……...  Look at my fabulous Peonies.

This one is just about to open.

 I am not sure why this one looks a little different to normal but it still looks fab!

This is what they normally look like!  Stunning.  This Peony shrub is right in front of our patio and that is where I am off to sit now.  Can you smell the bacon ;-) ????

Thanks for popping by X


  1. Well, it is early morning, here, and (still in my gown and robe...TMI!) and your talking bacon??!!
    I think I'll top mine with a fried egg and call it breakfast!
    The class turned out some gorgeous tag storage boxes. I am hoping to get one made for my tags. Your such an inspiration to all of us.
    Your Peonies are absolutely beautiful, who could resist having a bacon sandwich, while admiring them.
    I have your ATC ready to post, missed the postman yesterday so it will go out tomorrow (Monday here)
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Helen....yes the tag storage units look fantastic but your Peony pics truly caught my eye...beautiful and to have them in your own so lovely. Have a great week Robyn

  3. Oh my, what a lot of inspiring storage boxes the class made and how wonderful for you, Helen, to see so many, made from your own design. So uplifting.
    Your Peonies are beautiful and I bet they fill your patio with such lovely scent. But I'm sure the bacon was the main attraction, lol :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing, so beautiful work, and those flowers wow! It gives me Ideas, I need more projects. I writing from a Library PC in Frackville, Pa (USA) we just moved here and my art room is not all set up yet... have a wonderful day...

  5. You must be thrilled to see your beautiful tag holder travelling so far and wide. What a beautiful set of versions they made too. Jenny x


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