Wednesday 15 January 2014

Show and Tell Monday (on a Wednesday!)

Hi Annie  I just found your link on Google+ and I though I would join in your Monday Show and Tell even if I am a bit late.  I thought for a while about what I had that might be interesting enough to share.  This is what I came up with.

This belongs to my Mum but she has let me take care of it!  I have fond memories of leafing through it as a child.  I remember loving the glamourous photographs.  I don't remember actually reading any of the text!!!  This was my favourite photograph.

I just loved that dress!  Today I read the article which says that Eleanor Powell (in the photo) was going to give up her hollywood dancing and acting career to become a stay at home Mum.  The salary she was giving up was several thousand dollars a week!  I wonder how much of this was truly Eleanor's decision and how much was the culture of the time?  Now that I have started to read it rather than look at the pictures I think I might read a bit more to see what else has changed.  At a glance it is obvious there was definitely an altering of the photographs (pre airbrushing) which is the same as today and salaries equally exorbitant but I have to say that it is refreshing to see that glamour didn't mean exposing your underwear or any other assets.  In fact this is dress is probably the most revealing in the book.

As you can see from the inscription this book is 65 years old and is wearing well as is my Mum Norah!  The book was a present from her older sister Mary at Christmas.  My Mum was 11.

If you are reading this post then please follow this link to Annie's as she has a great Show and Tell.  I always say most things look cute in miniature!!!!  Ha ha now you need to look ;-)

Thanks for popping by X


  1. Hey Helen, what a fab Show 'n' Tell! Thanks for joining in, I really enjoyed having a look at this book - I love vintage books and have lots of them (some of them will definitely feature as future Show 'n' Tells) This is a fascinating piece of social history isn't it, and I always love to see the inscription in the front and imagine the person who owned it. I bet your Mum would have been thrilled to bits to receive this for Christmas.
    Cheerio for now

  2. Love this, Helen! I came here via Annie's Show 'n Tell, and it's really fun - I hope others will join us. This book is so nostalgic and vintage - a real treasure. I love the dress, too! Everybody dresses so boring these days and all the romance has gone...

    Look forward to seeing you around on future Show'n tells.



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