Wednesday 29 January 2014


Morning fellow WOYWW friends!  I can't believe how long it has been since I have played along!  I have been busy making videos and they really do take up a huge amount of time but I do love making and sharing them.  I have a quiet day today and I thought I would treat myself and catch up with you all and have a look at what you have all been up to.  For my first photo - taken yesterday (if you are averse to 'messy' please look away now!)………

I know, I know, you can't even see a postage stamp of workspace left!!!  So I rolled up my sleeves and….

I promise that I didn't just sweep it all on to the floor ha ha!  I did put everything away which did take me a while!!!  And as it was so clear I decided to get out the scrubby sponge and to tackle the build up of glue and paint splatter.  I even scrubbed my craft mats!  How virtuous did I feel this morning walking in to my craft room????  Here is the long shot.

Here is the place I most often sit…..It is just waiting for me to get busy

And here are some goodies I collected together from under all that mess to play with later!

Now those with a suspicious nature will be saying why didn't you take a shot of your whole craft room looking fabulous?!!!!   Well I can only do so much scrubbing in one evening right?  I do not want to get Repetitive Strain Injury now do I? ;-)

So keeping my back to the rest of my room I think I can put my feet up and visit my WOYWW friends and if you want to make friends with lovely crafting folk around the world and have no idea why I am showing you the results of my cleaning frenzy then click on this link and be prepared to be amazed and enthralled as you desk hop around the globe….

Thank you to anyone that pops by to visit my extremely tidy return to WOYWW.  I wish you all an amazingly creative week X


  1. Hi Helen, thanks for your visit, and wow what an amazing cleanup job....a fresh start, I love your workspace; great cubbyholes and shelves for your supplies, bright and cheery...and always a nice surprise what you find hidden. Cheers and have a super week RobynO#71

  2. Wow what a transformation! Would you like to come and sort out my boxes around my room? I craft on my bed so have to clear it all before I can sleep so one incentive! Happy WOYWW and enjoy your clear desk! Karen x

  3. Hi Helen, hoping I can reply considering the Google+ option, I don't wish to register with Google+ and it seems to NEED you too to comment on some Google+ blogs. Here we go.........BK#72

    1. Oops that was BJ#72 LOL.
      Yippee I managed to reply with NO problems Yippee.
      I DID avert my eyes to the first photo but all was OK by the 2nd one. Love the little slot running along your desk for bits and bobs and such a pretty pen holder, ribbon useful for notes too. Must get on with sewing NOW BJstill#72

    2. Oh and whilst your blog is Google+ comment problems free, might you tell me HOW you linked it. As others have had such problems with it I am avoiding it like the plague.
      The main difference to me is your profile page but I could even access this page from that OK so you must have done something right.
      Well done you.

    3. Hi BJ I received you!!!! I already was registered with Google+ as I have a You Tube Channel. I was a bit worried about linking my Blog to it but so far (fingers crossed) no problems. All I did was click on Google+ in my settings and then linked it. I did tick the option to choose which of my Blog Posts to share as I was unaware that I already shared the photos I post on my blog even though at the time I wasn't linked!!! It is new to me so I am just lucky it has gone smoothly. You definitely need to have Google+ though. Mine runs itself really as the only things I share there are my You Tube videos and Blog posts and the comments I make on other peoples videos - luckily I am a nice person as I didn't know I was sharing for a while!!! I am not sure what you mean about my profile page so I am going to click on me next to see what's what! Hope I have helped a bit but it is a bit of a mystery to me too! Hugs Helen x

  4. Thank you for your visit last week, I am up and about now ... still coughing but ..... Love that first piccy, made me feel at home but then I saw my future.......
    hope I can make as good as job ...
    Enjoy playing with the goodies!
    Bishopsmate #65

  5. Hmmm would you like to come here and tidy!! I may appear tidy, well I am on my desk, but the rest of the room needs sorting!! Love your before and after shots and thanks for popping by! Take care Zo xx 64

  6. Boy did you do a great job at cleaning up! Come on over and work in my closet please! Glenda #68

  7. i did one of those clean-ups the other week. Doesn't last long ;)

    Well done you! That's a lovely long table as well!

    Carmen #75

  8. Wow, that's one tidy up you've done. I was enjoying rummaging through all your lovely stash. That 12x12 paper looks lovely.
    Hope you don't stay tidy for too long!!
    Hugs Lisax #59

  9. I did the same type of clean up a couple weeks ago, even scrubbed my mat. LOL !
    It is always fascinating to see how others store their stash. You have a great-long work space. Now that it is sparkling clean it must be time for an other video!!!
    Krisha #31

  10. Hi Helen, It's great to see your work space. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your tips on my butterfly dilemma.

  11. Love your creative space. If you are anything like me though it won't be long before it is full of stuff again! :)
    Xoxo sioux

  12. Wow! Go you! You should be patting yourself on the back :D I do one of those cleanups every week (of one table.. I have three in various stages of mess) before I do the weekly video, but I always feel super awesome about myself when I do it. Until the video is done and stuff is spread all over the place again.

    xo, have an awesome week!

  13. WOW You've done a brilliant job!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Karin 104

  14. What an excellent job now that is enough ok, no more you are grounded from cleaning you don't want to upset those magical creating hands and get them all confused about what is right and wrong to do with them, they need to create art. It does look fantastic though. Now onto some of your magical creations please.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 15

  15. great job clearing up. I keep doing it but doesn't take long to end up a big mess again :-) Thanks for visiting me and sorry to be so late returning the compliment. Anne x #63


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