Wednesday 8 May 2013

Tag Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Who Stole Tuesday???!!!! ;-)

Here is my tag for the Letter R.  I made a spinner tag - can you tell I have just learnt how to make these?....they feature in my card class this week too!  Pass on the knowledge I say.  I am going to make a video of this fun embellishment to a project.  Another thing for the to do list.

There is only one R pattern on this tag and it is RAGZ but I did do two variations of it.  I like the one with the little rivets on it as it looks a bit industrial.  As I said before I made spinners in my tag and I tried to use the Vine app to make a small video of the spinners spinning - but alas although I managed to make the video I cannot seem to find how to get it on my blog.  I know it can be done but cannot work it out at the this space!

As I turned my tag over to put the ribbons in I realised I had made a boo boo!  I stuck my tag to the wrong side of its green tag!  What a numpty ;-)  As I couldn't make the video I am sharing the out takes!!

Now I popping to Tag Tuesday to see what the letter R has inspired in the tag art world and then it is time to write my class tutorials....busy, busy.  Thanks for popping by x

I just found the Vine Video when I uploaded some photos from my phone so I hope this is going to work!

It's not HD but you can see the spin!


  1. Lovely tag, Helen. I haven't drawn Ragz yet - nice rivets! Shame about the back but these things happen - I say make a feature of it!! I made a valentine card once and made it upside down, so it ended up covered with kamikazi butterflies all nose-diving towards the bottom!!!


    1. Thanks Shoshi - keep an eye out for next weeks tag!!! It is the sign of a great crafter when you can turn Plan A into Plan B and everyone still thinks it is your Plan A!!! ;-)


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