Tuesday 19 February 2013

Tag Tuesday the Alphabet continues....

Here are my tangle tags for this weeks Tag Tuesday - I have G and the catch up letter C.  I am really glad I decided on this theme for my Alphabet of tags as I have been having great fun finding new patterns to try out.  One more week and I will catch up with my late tags!

The C tag Patterns are...... on the right - Camelia,  on the top left - Chemistery, bottom left Candle Glow and my favourite on this tag is the pretty ribbon pattern - Chainlea.

The patterns on the G tag are top right - Gingham and bottom left - Girdy.  I love the 3D look of this pattern.  Makes you feel like you are at the top of a tall structure looking down into the depths!  I tried out the cute stamps my Mum gave me this Christmas from Craftwork Cards that are designed to stamp letters on card candy - cool!  I can see lots of used for these - Thanks  Mum x

Next week when I catch up with my final missing letter I will show you the backs of my tags so you can see how I am cataloging the patterns I am using and how my Distress Ink rainbow is taking shape!

I am finding this project very therapeutic indeed - there is nothing like concentrating on a pattern to free your mind from day to day stuff for a while!  Who needs therapy when you have art????  I have just looked that up on the internet to see if I can claim that as a quote!!  I found out that art therapist is a job so I think that proves my quote - I can't find that anyone has it listed as a quote (time will tell) but in the mean time do I have to be quoted to make it a quote?  For it to be more than a sentence in my blog.......ouch I think I need more art!

Who needs therapy when you have art - Helen Allen

You can quote me on that :-)

Thanks for popping by X


  1. Oh Wow these tags are fantastic the zentangle patterens are amazing. I can imagine how you can loose yourself when you are doing them. These really are stunning and beautiful

  2. These tags are mesmerizing...really nice detailed work!
    Sara j


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