Surfs Up Card

If you are looking for a card that is easy to do and can be given to any cool laid back dude then look no further this is the tutorial for you.  Scroll to the end for Materials and Tools lists and a Cutting Guide.

Step 1:  Cut a piece of glossy white card 5" x 7 1/4".  I am not going to give paint colours for this card as you can use what you have.  It is acrylic paint and you will need a light blue for the sky, a darker blue for the sea and a yellow or similar for the sand.  Take a square of kitchen roll and tear it into 3 pieces.  Add a drop of dark blue paint to the centre area of the card and spread it over the middle third of the card using a crumpled up piece of kitchen roll.  Do not try to cover the entire surface of the card a light coat will do at this point.

Step 2:  Using a new piece of kitchen roll add a drop of light blue to the top area of the card and swipe across the card once again.  Streaky is good for the look we are trying to achieve.

Step 3:  Repeat the process again using yellow to cover the bottom section of the card.

Step 4:  Repeat from Step 1 to Step 3 to darken each of the sections on the card.

Step 5:  Take a piece of sandpaper and distress all around the edges of the panel and scuff randomly across the entire panel.  Then using a circular motion remove an area in the sky to form a sun sitting on the horizon.  Now make the reflection of the sun in the sea by removing more paint with the sandpaper (see photo above).  This technique creates a weathered look that is perfect for this beach scene.

Step 6:  Cut another piece of white glossy card 5 1/4" x 7 1/2".  Take another clean piece of kitchen roll and swipe lilac paint around the edges of the card making a frame.

Step 7:  Repeat Step 6 to darken the colour.

Step 8:  Sand the edges of the panel.

Step 9:  Cut a piece of blue card stock 8" x 11 1/2" and score and fold at 5 3/4" to make the card base.  Matt the ocean scene centrally on the purple framed card and then onto the card base using double sided tape (DST).

Step 10:  Print out the surf boards and quotes. Cut out the surf boards and the quote of your choice.  The quote is cut free hand into strips.  Cut the pointed base from the blue and orange surf boards and do the same for the green surf board but cut at a slight angle (see photo above).

Step 11:  Glue all the elements into position on the card.  I used Ranger matte finish glue n seal but any spreadable PVA will do the trick.  Make sure that your images are stuck down flat.  Allow to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 12:  Do not carry out this step until you are sure everything is dry or you will spoil your pens.  Using a fine black pen outline your card with light wispy strokes to continue the weathered look.  A solid line looks to clean for this design.

Step 13:  Finish the card by repeating the wispy line strokes around the card base frame this time using a white pen.


A4 Teal and white glossy Card
Printed image - email me for a copy of this  ( email on the left side bar)
Acrylic Paints:
Light Blue, Dark Blue, Lilac, Pale Yellow or sand
Double Sided Tape (DST)


Paper trimmer
Bone folder and scoreboard
Kitchen Roll
Craft sheet
Fine Black pen (permanent is preferable)
Fine white pen

Cutting Guide:

5¾” x 11½” Black Card 
5¼” x 7½” White Glossy Card 
5” x 7¼” White Glossy Card 

If you find anything on this tutorial that needs further explanation or you think I may have made a mistake please let me know.  Thank you

PS  If you try this I'd really like to see how you got on.

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  1. Hi there Helen really enjoyed this tutorial as have stamps like your cut outs and may (one day!) give this a go you took a lot of effort to make this well done, Shaz in Oz.x


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