How to Make Paper Snowdrops

You will need to use the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die for this but I am sure it would work with a similar style and size of flower die or punch if you didn't have this.  It is my favourite and my most used die.

Step 1:  Die cut three white flowers and two small green flowers.  Use card rather than paper so that the flowers hold their shape.  This is enough to make 4 Snow Drops.

Step 2:   Cut the white flowers into sections each one has 3 petals.  You need 8 pieces.   Then cut the small green flowers into 2 petal sections.  You need 4 pieces.

Step 3:   Roll each of the petals around a wooden skewer (or similar).  This shapes the flowers ready for construction.

Step 4:   Shape 4 white and 4 green flower segments.

Step 5:   You have 4 flat white flower segments remaining.  Cut each one of the petals so that they are half their original length.  You will have to reshape the tips of the petals.

Step 6:   Next use Peeled Paint Distress ink to colour the tips of the petals on both the front and back of the flower segment.  These pieces form the centres of the snowdrops.

Step 7:   Then using the wooden skewer shape the green tipped flower segments as you did in Step 3.

Step 8:   Cut 4 thin strips of card (the same colour as the two petal flower segments).  They are approximately  ¼" wide.  They need to be at least 8" long but will be trimmed to length when you use them.

Step 9:   You need to use a strong quick drying glue to assemble the snowdrops.  I use Hi-Tack.  Roll a green tipped flower segment into a tube and then add glue to the base.  Curl a white segment of long petals around this flower centre and support until the glue takes hold.

Step 10:   Time to attach a stem to the base of each flower and allow to stick.

Step 11:   Once all the stems are attached then glue on the green petals to form the calyx of the snowdrops.  This final layer helps to make sure the flower stays attached to the stem.

Step 12:   Cut some long thin tapering leaves (they look like blades of grass) and curve them between your thumb and forefinger.  Carefully curve the stems of your flowers.  The leaves will also be trimmed when you use them so cut them long to start with approximately 6".

You now have 4 snowdrops ready to gather together to put on your card or canvas or any other project.  You could make more of them and put them in a small vase, just don't add the water!  For two card ideas that use paper snowdrops please follow this link.

If you like this tutorial and try making some snowdrops please let me know how you get on.  I'd love to see how you use them.


  1. These snow drop flowers are gorgeous! You are such a talented woman!

    1. Thank you Sheree. You may have noticed that I am at the beginning of starting an on line business and these flowers along with others are something I have on my list to create a set of virtual classes for. I am so glad you like them. I think I should make some for my window sill as the view out there is very very grey at the moment - I definitely prefer freezing and bright!


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